Want to increase your revenue and keep costs low?


Affiliate Marketing


This is an old method of earning commission with no added costs. Affiliate marketing is a way of earning commission by referring or promoting online products. When someone is referred and that person buys the product, you earn a commission which is a share of profit earned. Hence, it is a type of marketing based on performance.


Affiliate marketing is based on financial motivations as opposed to referral marketing. E-retailers significantly use affiliate marketing strategies.


For instance, cab services provide promo code to registered users and when these promo codes are used by their friends, relatives or associates, the registered user gets a certain amount of money credited to their wallet. This is affiliate marketing where the referrer earns a commission, in turn, increasing the business revenue. This is like a chain action which increases the affiliate network too.


How does it work?


Affiliate marketing is a kind of referral program where the referrer earns a certain amount in commission as opposed to the referral marketing which works on trust. The referrer who earns the commission will, in turn, refer your site to others as he/she will earn commission and hence increase your website visitors and potential customers.


This is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing the online revenue and is also very efficient. As the number of people advertising your company, services and website increases, the revenue of your business increases continuously. Hence it is a performance based marketing. This creation of affiliate program of marketing allows you to concentrate on other areas of business.


Our Values


Strategy effectiveness - a customized map for every individual based on the needs of the clients is prepared to help the clients achieve better results.


Transparency - you will know at every time where and when your ads are being showcased, hence providing 100% transparency.


Proactive - we proactively help you to communicate with existing customers and also find new customers to increase your revenue.


Cost - our services will help you get maximum results while keeping your costs low.


How will we help you?


1.     We will help you to reach your goals by choosing the right kind of affiliate networks for your business.

2.     On the chosen network, we will set your affiliate programs on these networks.

3.     We will review received affiliate applications, promote the existing affiliate programs, and also help to signup new affiliates.

4.     We also create collaterals for your affiliate programs like banners and catalogs.

5.     Affiliate communication will be done on the weekly, ad-hoc and monthly basis.

6.     We help to set data feeds for the affiliates.

7.     We analyze the affiliate performance.

8.     We will prepare a report on the affiliate performance and communicate it with you.


Why choose us?


Our relationships at agency level span over all major affiliate networks. This allows us to negotiate with our clients and get the best rates for you. Best rates combined with our methodical approach to the affiliate program will drive your website’s performance to new heights, thus improving your business revenue.

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