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It is very common to have pictures in website designs but cartoons? Caricatures? Is it really used? If yes, then why? Cartoons and Caricatures provide unique design to websites based on the type of content being displayed in them.

Cartoons are a type of 2D illustrations. Modern cartoons are semi-realistic or realistic artistic style of painting or drawing a series of images or an image for the purpose of humor, caricature or satire. Cartoons are made on full-size papers. They can be used in the production of frescoes. Cartoons can be scientific, political or books. Political cartoons provide visual commentaries on the current political events. Animated cartoons are in vogue today.

Caricature is an image with all the features of the subject usually in an exaggerated way. This is done through pencil strokes, sketches, and through other drawings in an artistic way. Hence, some characteristics of the subject may be exaggerated while others may be very simple. In simple terms, caricature is a "loaded portrait". Caricatures are common on websites too.

Sadja has an expert team of designers who provide expert graphical design services. They provide the following graphical design services - logo design, stationery and business cards, caricatures and cartoons, posters and flyers, packaging and book covers, and a host of other services like, website designing, web and app development, software development in Uganda.

Case Study

Web sites use cartoons and caricature for various purposes today. It may be for unique design of a website or for political reasons or scientific reasons or some websites might be comic websites which require only cartoons and caricatures. Whatever is the need; we understand your requirement for such cartoons and caricatures appropriately and design them for you thus leaving you satisfied with the results.

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Come to Sadja and enjoy the benefits of graphic design services through cartoons and caricatures for websites at affordable and attractive prices.

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