Happy Women’s day to the hustlers

Being a woman is not for everyone.

Your friends will say you work so hard, and you don’t spare time for a small chit chat.

Your family will ask why you no longer call regularly and tick off days on your calendar for a family visit.

Your employer will ask why you have not struck any essential deals for the company this month, but they don’t recall that you have just delivered your first baby and you need some time off to rest and bond with your baby.

Your boyfriend will ask why outings are no longer on your to-do list, and yet will not remember your birthday to take you for a special outing to celebrate your day.

Your manager will ask why you didn’t use your car to report for work on time, forgetting that the last discussion you had on owning a car to ease your movement ended in futility, because he said, “you can’t afford a car on your meagre salary.”

Your daily runs through the dusty streets, knocking on doors to get business deals to result in sweat drips down your armpits. You don’t stop! instead, you gently pull out your last piece of tissue paper, wipe off the sweat and present yourself at the next board room meeting.

Your tenant will send you a note threatening to evict you if you don’t clear your bill. You allow that information to sink in, dash to the bank, withdraw your last saving, pay up and make your landlord smile.

Your health may signal a red alert, because you are stressed, have missed three appointments with your doctors, as you continue to walk through your routines.

Any positive progress attracts envy, jealousy, and gossip, and your friends will say you merely earn favours and sympathy from your contacts, even when they know that comfort, favours, and connections are not found free on the pavements you walk past daily.

End of year achievements, profits, recognition, and awards for the hard work, attract you temporary friends, whose only interest is to make a mockery at the value of your prizes. Some will say the value of the awards you earned this year, is far below the cost of just one bag they carry.

What happens when times are tough? The fault is yours. A string of self-appointed advisors will say you should have done things a little differently but will not tell you the weight of that ‘differently.’

Being a woman is the honourable passion of wanting to fulfil not just your life’s desires but also the desires of many more people.

You rise, you fall. You sail with hope, and You sink with cynics.

With all the tide around you, you still rise with passion, because you have faith that things will work out just right and when they go wrong, you don’t mind because your love is to hustle in the bustle and succeed to make everyone happy.

Happy women’s day because for most of us, the hustle is our passion.  By Baraka Kalumba Follow me on Linkedin

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