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Sadja Web Solutions is a client-focused company and in everything we do, we love to carry our clients along as it is our
core belief that our customers are why we are in business.

How it works

We extend this mantra to all facets of our business including our marketing efforts, and recently, we launched a pilot program where our clients get paid for driving traffic to Sadja Web Solutions (traffic which converts into sale).

Earn 20%

The online space has become extremely competitive especially as new businesses, platforms and services are entering the market daily. This makes it extremely difficult for businesses to get their share of the market and has necessitated the creation of smart marketing programs aimed at getting a share of the market. Innovatively, as we always are at Sadja Web Solutions, we came up with this paid referral program which gives anyone who brings a client to us 20% of the money paid from them.

Unlimited client referring

Our competitive payouts of 20% of the money paid by the client is among the fastest in the industry, and there are several reliable payment options to choose from. Also, the amount of clients you can refer is unlimited so the more you refer, the more you make and so far, those persons who have keyed into this program can testify to its legitimacy and transparency.

We are here for you

At Sadja Web Solutions, the range of services which we offer to clients are numerous so there would definitely be someone out there in need of one or more of the services which we have on offer. There's little as regards providing technological assistance to businesses which we are not engaged in so all you need do is say the word and we will be there to help you.

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