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Client Overview
AZS gives individuals worldwide the opportunity to escape the stress of every day living and embark on an unforgettable journey through Southern Africa. Following years travelling throughout the region and learning its ins and outs, they have perfected the recipe for a rewarding trip into the wild. From fly-in safaris to camping safaris, they design a custom safari for adventurers and see to it that their clients’ fantasy excursion is fulfilled.
However, AZS had a site up for two years which was not receiving traffic. It offered little aesthetic appeal making it very dull and boring to visit. Moreover, many features were awkwardly placed making for clumsy, frustrating user experience. AZS was looking to increase brand awareness and knew they could not achieve this with their current website.
The Challenge
AZS’s existing website was making it difficult to achieve its goal of increasing brand awareness. Its dull appearance did nothing to attract new visitors and its lack of search engine optimisation put the company pretty low in Google search results. As a result, AZS sought out a professional web development company to restructure their website and give it a facelift.
The Approach
We applied our years of design experience and user experience (UX) knowledge to Absolute Zambia Safaris’ reimagined website. Our focus was on making the site more dynamic & user-friendly and on using digital marketing strategies to achieve the ultimate goal of driving more traffic to AZS.
Dynamic Design
During our initial analysis of the old site, we concluded that one of the main issues was how static and outdated the design was. It lacked features which kept the site visitor engaged, grabbed their attention and which prompted them to dig deeper into the site...
Merely adding more dynamic features to the site wasn’t going to suddenly improve the user experience as well. We didn’t just want to attract more individuals to the site, we wanted to make sure they stayed on the site by being intentional.
Intentionality was achieved by only placing certain features in certain locations when they have a reason to be there. An example would be being intentional about where the button in the homepage banner linked to and why it linked there
Improving Online Presence
Following the implementation of a dynamic design and improved UX, we were only left with the tasks of optimising the site for search engines and improving to its overall digital presence. To do so, we used techniques associated with search engine optimisation - such as using industry-specific keywords and PageRank analysis - and implemented social media marketing strategies - like social bookmarking.
Following the website redesign, AZS was able to attract and successfully convert more clients from Asia, Europe, USA, and other African countries. The redesign enabled AZS to increase site traffic so much so that they could sell their safari itineraries to international clients.

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