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Reasons Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certification Today

If you are an internet tech-savvy, by now you may have noticed that some website Uniform Resource Locator – URLs start with HTTP while others start with https.
The S in https stands for Safe encryption. SSL certification guarantees safe encryption.
The term “safe encryption” is standard on eCommerce websites that require users to share sensitive information such as credit card transactions, log in details, and information about their businesses.
In this article, you will find out what an SSL certificate means, why an SSL certificate matters to the business world, types of SSL certificates, and why you need an SSL certificate today.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL Certificates are small data files that bind a cryptographic key digitally to the details of an organization.
The SLL certificate binds together:

  1. A domain or server name
  2. Company or business name
  3. Location

An SSL certificate activates the padlock and https protocol when mounted on a web server and enables consumers to navigate safely from their browser to your internet server.
SSL is typically used to secure credit card transactions, information transfers, and logins.

Why SSL Certificate matters today

Assuming you want to order a laptop online and while browsing the internet, you come across three sites offering laptops at three different prices.
The seller on website Exzeee is selling laptops at $350 but has a zero star rating and no comments posted three months since the products were displayed.
The second seller on Website Wiyee has laptops selling for $500. The site has a mix blend of comments, most of which are harmful and rank the seller deficient for offering a bad delivery service.
The third seller on website Zee has laptops selling for $800. He has a five-star rating, and all comments are positive in praise of the swift deliveries and excellent packaging.
Which of the three sellers would you purchase your laptop from and why? I bet if you are like me, I will go for the $800 laptop.
Because the comments and the rankings for the first two sellers are not enticing, Real people have ranked them based on their experience, and that forms a thread of trust.
Based on these scenarios, deciding where to buy the laptop is not just about the price or the comments, but instead, It’s all about trust.
client-300x207 Reasons Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certification Today
Trust is at the heart of SSL certificates. The SSL certificate has gained popularity with the rise in internet fraud, phishing scams and other data breaches. Consumers are very keen to know whether they are transacting business on a site with a secure web connection or not. They are looking for a place they can trust.

Types of SSL certificates

Most safety administrators would have performed their homework analyses before applying for a license. They have to ask the following questions:

  • Is it for government or private use?
  • What is the customer base, and how would they use it?
  • What are the server operating systems?
  • Are there any security policy requirements?

There are three types of certificates that provide three levels of user trust on websites

  1. Domain validated SSL certificates: These are certificates checked against the domain registry. These certificates don’t have organizational identification data and are not ideal for business communication and transactions
  2. Organization validated SSL certificates: This is a type of SSL certificate which displays the website owner’s designed to help distinguish from malicious sites.
  3. Extended validation certificate: This is a type of SSL certificate, which when installed to a browser address bar, displays the padlock, https, name of the business, and the country.


Six reasons why you need an SSL certificate 

To initiate a secure browser session, an organization needs to install the SSL Certificate on its web server. A secure connection is what you need to establish safe web traffic between the web server and the web browser.
Here are six main reasons why your website needs an SSL certificate today.

Ensure website security 

You have been browsing the internet and come across a message: “This website is not secure.” For most users, this is incredibly scary and would quickly close the site as soon as this message pops up, and it can be disrupting for the user.
The reason is pretty simple. Most consumers are looking for safe websites.
An SSL certificate on your website helps to authenticate and secure your website, hence giving the users a safe and secure web browsing experience.

Enhances Search Engine Ranking 

SEO is of great importance to you, and then you need to install an SSL certificate right away. Google tends to improve search engine ranking for the websites with SSL Certificate. , the https is used as a yardstick for your website’s ranking.

Enhance user trust and confidence

Certification is the best way to show customers that you care about their security as they browse through your web pages. An SSL certificate will also improve your brand reputation.

Improve the speed of the website

Increases the rate at which your website, improving the site’s performance and search engine optimization. Good internet speeds are good for digital marketing.

Ensures Safe user experience 

An SSL certificate on your website would eliminate the fears of cyber insecurity which is common among users sharing sensitive information. Safe user experience is particularly true for eCommerce websites where users are continually looking for secure sites to transact business and make payments.

Saves you money 

An SSL certificate on your website will save you money that you are likely to lose through a legal challenge for data breaches.
A cybersecurity breach is a legal issue, and any customer data compromised as a result of one could have a significant legal impact on the company. A preventive measure like SSL certification can protect you from such snags. Adding SSL protects both your customers as well as your business welfare.
Your level of SSL certificate validation and protect your users from identity theft today.
Get  SSL certification for your website as soon as today!