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The most talented minds work hand in hand with you to produce your unique and high-performing website.

Why suffer with low-quality websites?

Your website is an extension of your brand. That means it’s essential for first impressions.

A website that is slow and difficult to work with will turn away your best clients and future prospects. Adding new changes to an existing bad website is also painful for your team.

Setting up a website is daunting, and many businesses put it off for as long as they can – not realizing how many opportunities they are missing out on. Online presence is highly essential today, and having one can put you at a higher competitive advantage.

We’ve worked with companies from various fields in Uganda and worldwide to develop websites using the best CMS platforms. We overcome any challenges our clients might face head-on. Our attention to detail and proficiency at project management are unparalleled.

Our Website Development

Every project has unique needs, but our website development process has served us well over the years.
Just ask our clients!


We begin by gathering information from our client and their stakeholders on how they want their website to function. We also try to involve the end-users of the website in the analysis. These guys can provide helpful insights for our development process.

UI and
UX Design

We know how important the layout and design of a website is to our clients. That’s why we take special care to design websites after discussing what our client likes, and what’s trending on the web design scene at the moment.


We don’t want to send you away with an empty website, so we do some copywriting for you. We create six pages, chock-full of relevant and SEO optimized content for our client websites. This makes your site up and running, ready for launch – you don’t have to lift a finger.


At this stage, our team designs a user interface with multiple rounds of revision (or if we’re lucky, just a few) to create a unique and high-performing website. This design makes sure you get an attractive and usable web presence.

Testing and

Not so fast – before we hand over your freshly minted site, we take it through various tests to make sure we present you a website that is free of any errors. We don’t take testing lightly, and we have an entire team dedicated to detecting any bugs. Feedback can be hard to swallow for anyone, but we are there to bear the brunt of the impact, so you don’t have to.

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What to look for in a website developer

Everyone has their doubts about choosing the best technology partner for their website. Luckily, there are certain qualities to look out for when picking your ideal website developer.

A passion for working with businesses to develop websites

Choose a web design agency that takes a genuine interest in your business’s needs. Forget the shiniest or newest name in town. Focus on authenticity and attention to detail. Here at Sadja, we are genuinely in love with helping businesses to expand their reach online.

Expertise and skill in Project Management

Your web design company must be able to manage time perfectly – nothing like pushing deadlines forward every time you ask. This, coupled with working well within your budget and providing high-quality work, is what you should look for in your web design company.

Experience working with different platforms

While platform specialization is a highly coveted skill in web design, experience in just one platform is not ideal for a wide range of businesses. A web design company should work hand-in-hand with your individual needs to come up with the perfect website tailor-made just for you.


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