Client Overview

Mint Homes is a Ugandan-based business that builds and sells high-quality condominiums in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. Some of its projects include the Garden Towers at Bukoto roundabout, Bukoto Skyline in Bukoto, Smart Apartments at Malcom X Drive in Kololo, and Kisaasi Heights.

This property development company is making homeownership easy in the city suburbs of Kampala. It builds apartments and sells them to Nationals at affordable prices. Because Mint Homes’ goal is to see dreams come true, this company embraced website design as a strategy to bring their services nearer to the people.

Its goal was to create a user-friendly and engaging site that increased its reach. It wanted a website that clients visit and learn about their services, prices, available condominiums or apartments, and even book a consultation and space.


The Challenge

Before Sadja WebSolutions redesigned the Mint Homes website (, Mint Homes’ original website didn’t do the business justice. It failed to showcase Mint Homes’ services aptly.

The website was dull and unengaging. It had unoriginal content and concepts, which gave it an SEO spam score of 69%. And instead of showcasing the company’s essence through engaging pictures and captions, the website looked more like a blog.

And because it was hard to understand, it failed to convert people. The old site’s poor web design hurt the business as it didn’t do what it was supposed to do; it failed to advertise its services and generate leads.

So, our main challenge was to create a website that accurately represented Mint Homes’ image, a website that was engaging and user friendly, a website that would generate leads and convert people.

The Approach

On this project, we used our graphics and web design experience and advance knowledge of optimizing sites for a seamless user experience to redesign C-Africa’s website. Our focus was on making the site more dynamic, more aesthetically pleasing & more efficient to achieve the ultimate goal of attracting more prospect’s to C-Africa’s site.


After evaluating the old website and identifying its problem areas; (it was boring, had unoriginal content, the site looked more like a blog instead of showcasing Mint Homes’ condominium services, had a poor user interface and user experience and poor layout, our expert web design and strategy team used their expertise to ideate concepts that breathed life into Mint Homes’ website.


To provide site visitors with a more user-friendly and engaging site, we ultimately had to redesign it to bring it up to standard. We changed the whole site structure, user interface, and experience. We created an appealing, responsive, user-friendly, modern, commercial, and dynamic site. We also incorporated SEO which reduced the SEO spam score from 69% to 0%.


We also created a blog to improve SEO and lead generation. This approach also boosted the business’ rankings in search engines like Google.

The Results

Mint Homes’ updated site is more user-friendly and engaging.

You can tell what the website is about from what it communicates from the go. The web design, content, pictures, copy, and menu capture a visitor’s interest from the get-go. The images represent the true essence of Mint Homes; property development, condominiums, and homeownership.

The attractive and engaging website has increased Mint Homes’ online brand visibility and leads because of the SEO optimization, which has enabled it to achieve continuous business success.

Mint Home is now solidly on the digital map. It boasts a mobile-friendly site with more organic leads, search engine rankings, brand visibility, and customer engagement.


Quelle expérience fantastique. Grande communication, grand service et attention aux détails excellente. J’utiliserai certainement à nouveau ce service. Merci beaucoup..

Linda, PDG – Acai Body

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