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Sadja WebSolutions is the leading Web and Mobile App Development Company. Our clients always leave satisfied, and this has been the hallmark of our business. It has served as a motivation to get better. Our goal is to provide quality services at the most affordable prices.


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Smart phones, PCs and electronic devices are the new raves. This means you can reach potential customer from any part of the world at any time. You can reach billions of persons around the world in a couple of seconds Through social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Also, you can build web and mobile-friendly apps to enhance customer experience. At Sadja WebSolutions, we can do this and so much more for you to take your business to the next level.


We have been in the business of developing high-quality applications for the iPhone since the day it was launched.

The Apple mobile device is at the forefront of innovation in the mobile device world. As an innovative company, we at Sadja WebSolutions have kept up with the new features and technology which have been made to the iOS. We create a fine synergy between iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. We leverage their respective strengths to create solutions spanning all of Apple’s mobile devices.

The iOS app developers at Sadja WebSolutions stay abreast with emerging trends in software development and architecture. Our commitment to staying abreast with changes in the mobile landscape makes us the go-to-guys for all your mobile app needs.

appstoreicon Mobile and Web Application Development

appstoreicon Mobile and Web Application Development


To enjoy the complete experience of the Android operating system, it means having to leverage every functionality it has on offer, and at Sadja WebSolutions, we provide Android App Development.

Java is the backbone on any Android App Development. Java programming language is one of the most popular languages which developers learn. This is great. However, it creates a conundrum, how do you differentiate the average developers from the magnificent ones in this sea of Java programmers?

At Sadja WebSolutions, we have found the answer to this puzzle as we recruit only the best Java developers there are so you can be sure that whatever Android application you desire to develop, you will be getting the best from us.


We are the best developers of Windows application development.

Creating windows friendly application is another smart way to increase the visibility of your business. Specially desktops, laptops and phones running on the Windows OS which access the features of your business. Also, a Windows app will create a platform to keep in touch with your customers and increase brand loyalty.

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We provide native Android, iOS, and Windows apps using existing skills, teams, and code.

Sadja WebSolutions has a partnership with Xamarin. This allows us to leverage the award-winning UX design of our development team. Their proficiency with the Xamarin platform to provide top-notch cross-platform apps on an accelerated timeline. Basically, at Sadja WebSolutions, we develop Xamarin applications which mimic truly native experiences.


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Today more companies are turning to web platforms to increase their business reach. To deploy their most critical applications, Sadja WebSolutions is on hand to help. We have a broad and deep understanding of the best and newest tools. This helps you to deliver first-class experiences to your web users. Sadja WebSolutions is also having best Website Design experts.

What’s changed? Today’s web environment demands more than static websites and content consumption. It’s the most open, flexible and accessible application environment available today. Today’s web applications use architectures very similar to their native app counterparts on iOS and Android. Business logic now transcends the server and resides primarily in the browser.

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    I had last so many clients in the past year and it was beginning to affect the profitability of our business. On contracting Sadja WebSolutions, these cold leads were revitalized. They also provided a guide for the management of our old and new clients.

    Alfred Kasse , Manager
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    All my issues relating to social media marketing were treated at Sadja WebSolutions. I was also given a guide on how to manage all my social media accounts and so far, so good. I had to go through a lot of rubbish before I could find a company which could meet my need and now that I have found them, I will stick with them. I’ll advise you to do same.

    Nicole , Ceo & Founder at Kenville Inc

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