Conversion Rate

Digital marketing or internet marketing uses a system to increase the website visitor percentage which can convert to customers.

In general, visitors who might take any kind of action on a particular web page.

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is an art and science of making a higher percentage of your web visitors take some action on your website and turning them into your customers. It is a science as you cannot just hope or guess to convert a visitor to customer. It is also an art as an engineer or statistician cannot alone engage your visitors. It optimizes your landing pages, sponsored search ads, and the overall web design, which will help to increase the conversion rate.

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is becoming increasingly popular. This is because it is viewed as a method to increase sales profits while keeping your advertising cost constant.

What is Conversion?

Conversion need not be a sale at all times. Conversion is just an action desired from the visitor of the website like – Registration, purchase of services, referring a friend, clicking on a certain link, click to call, opt-in, brochure download or even navigating to a certain page on your website.

For instance, a customer prepares his/her cart and abandons the cart for some reason. This is also conversion.

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Need for Conversion Rate Optimization

It is very important to know why you need to optimize conversion rate before understanding the process. The main reasons include:

1.     Visitors are turning away from your website.

2.     The rate of abandonment of shopping cart is very high.

3.     Website design and copy element required to increase your conversion rate are not known.

 How do we optimize conversion rate?

 The number of visitors defines the conversion rate mathematically as a number of goal achievements.

 Conversion rate = Number of goal achievements/visitors

 To optimize the conversion rate, first of all, online presence analysis is required wherein we analyze how the visitors behave in comparison on your major competitor’s websites.

 Then we analyze your website in detail and provide you with tailored optimization services. At Sadja, we also provide website designing and development, off-page and on-page optimization services. Use of ideal keywords will help to optimize the search on the first keyword and improve the conversion rate.

Our Approach

Firstly, we understand your business needs and goals to determine the right strategy to optimize conversion rate. As a complete website design services company, we aim at providing conversion rate optimization service and help to increase your business revenue.

We create a test hypothesis and find out if it reaches a statistical significance. If it does not reach a statistical significance, then we create a new test hypothesis and analyze well to optimize your conversion rate until the desired results are achieved.

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