These short-form videos highlight a brand’s product, often used for appealing and effective marketing. Host your explainer video on your landing page or feature it on the homepage of your website or advertise your product on your social media platforms.

A good Explainer Video has these
five elements:

Short Video Length:

These videos are ideally less than three minutes; however, the great ones are even shorter, one to two minutes.

Clear call to action (CTA): 

good explainer videos clearly state what they want their niche audience to do after watching the video.


the best explainer videos focus on fixing a particular problem, explaining your product, and showing why it’s the solution.

Similar to brand and audience:

Explainer videos are more excellent when their theme and tone match that of your brand and your niche audience.

Highest Quality:

Explainer videos require the highest quality, both production and content, for efficient communication of your brand’s value.

For your brand explainer videos to stay short, offer the highest quality, have a clear call to action, and have a simplified solution, we ensure they follow a simple but effective structure.

What: What problem does the audience face?

How: How does your product aim to solve this?

Why: Why should you be the audience’s choice?

At Sadja WebSolutions, we aim to communicate your brand’s underlying purpose or intention effectively. To effectively communicate the why, we study and understand who your target audience is through a planned video marketing approach and deliver a true underlying mission statement that effortlessly relates to your intended audience.

How Do We Create an
Explainer Video?

Our explainer videos follow the three-step production process that any
standard video production would.
The process is varies depending on whether we’re animating or shooting a live video, so we make sure you understand what type of
explainer video suits your brand to avoid distorting your intended message to your particular audience.


here, we come up with a concept to match your brand, write the script, gather our team with a video production agency or studio, and plan the shoot or animation of your video.


in this process, we start animating or shooting your explainer video following the pre-production plan.


This is the stage of perfection where we edit everything, record the voiceover, and overlay necessary music or any additional sound effects to deliver the best explainer video.


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