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Partnering brands with the right
ambassadors in digital

Consumers in modern times are selective with their trust. With a plethora of ads all competing for consumer attention. It has become crucial for brands to employ ambassadors that their audiences relate to and believe; this is the space in which influencers shine. As influencer marketing has transitioned to the mainstream, companies are now eager to have influencers on their side. The selection of an appropriate influencer is not a one size fits all application. Brands need to refrain from chasing the biggest names in the influencer circuit and focus on identifying influencers that represent their brand values and have a genuine connection with their target audience. 


Sadja WebSolutions utilizes strategic thinking and social savvy to form genuine digital partnerships. We act as matchmakers by scouting the influencer arena to select appropriate matches that represent your brand. We commit to the legwork of making connections and ensuring their growth over time. We leverage strong relationships to produce superior results.

An effective influencer as a
marketing partner

Efficient marketing departments focus on creating organic relationships with online trendsetters.
Criteria that agencies should note include:

The number of followers doesn’t always correlate to the following that will be received.

Having an influencer with a million followers does not necessarily mean that you will receive a million fans. Agencies should target the right people relevant to their product and the required engagement from their database to receive maximum marketing collateral from their partnerships.

Understanding the needs of influencers

The emergence of social platforms created an entire industry. Agencies should always consider that influencers earn a living from social media platforms and their marketability. Partnering with an influencer that aligns with brand values and objectives provides vindication to the associated costs.

Get the balance right.

Influencers have already established trust and a good connection from their social following; this allows brands to promote their products through an influential and somewhat authoritative source. Finding a balance in promoting the product is essential, as content marketing is more likely to be better received in an organic way. Brand and influencer relationships should always align with objectives and benefits to either party.

How we execute Influencer

We carefully analyze your business, target audience, industry sector and forge strong bonds with
relevant, impactful personalities.

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Getting to know you To select an appropriate brand ambassador, we first need to establish your brand values, objectives, and priorities. This process is achieved through collaborative co-creation sessions between our teams. We will then identify and develop your influence marketing needs and execution strategies to meet the required needs.

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Identifying your Crowd Influencers can act as a gateway to a broader target audience. Your brand should already understand the crowd you intend to target; we add to this by researching demographics that could suit the target market criteria to widen your reach. We develop communication strategies to convey a message and narration that will resonate with them.

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Finding the right fit Our team narrows down a selective group of influencers who are a cultural fit, resonate with the intended target audience, and receive considerable engagement from their following. Micro-influencers have great appeal to lower budget requirements. They possess a smaller following but have a loyal fan base that increases engagement on their platforms and provides organic interactions.   The entire selection process is always adequately communicated, and if marketing on a larger scale is required, then selection will broaden to more influential macro-influencers.

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Making the

After carefully selecting prime influencers, our team then aggressively leads the outreach process. We facilitate communication between your brand and the influencer, committing to the leg work and facilitating a fruitful relationship. We act as advocates for your brand and ensure a mutually beneficial relationship for your brand and the appointed influencers.

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Remaining results-driven We coordinate project campaigns until completion. We monitor traction gained, formulate data reports for campaign assessment and strategize and re-strategize when needed to ensure that campaigns meet intended targets.

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