Leveraging the speed and convenience of email to engage your audience.

The beauty of Email Marketing

As new digital marketing methods continue to evolve, it’s not uncommon to wonder whether email marketing is still important.

Well, it is. Creating an effective email marketing campaign enables you to reach and interact with your target audience in a personalized way and increase sales with minimal investment. Just as other platforms have changed, email marketing has matured and improved significantly. It gives your brand the ability to reach customers faster than ever.

What We Do


We help clients code their mail in HTML and CSS which utilizes media queries to help achieve perfect formatting across all devices and sizes.


We are adept in email copywriting and we know just the right words and catch phrases to get you more profit from the marketing channel with the highest ROI.


This service is focused on helping you maximize your businesses performance with behaviorally targeted, triggered communications.


Our automated email marketing campaigns will help you grow your sales and increase lead conversion, while making significant savings in time, money and business stress.


This service includes the creation of two email campaigns every month, all designed professionally and written for you.


We’ll weed out old and tired email addresses and ensure your mailing list is squeaky clean and poised to score deliverability points.


We've made it easy

With simple drag-and-drop tools, you can design a professional and user-friendly newsletter which is drives the message you want to pass straight to the minds of your clients. Our drag-and-drop feature provides you with unprecedented comfort and ease of use when creating newsletters and planning your email marketing campaign.

Cool simplicity every time

Our HTML email creator uses themes, as well as simple text and photo modules, to help you create full-color emails. Pick a color scheme. Type your text. Add your images.



Easy-to-read dashboard shows you which emails are most successful based on the number opened, and whether or not the reader clicked on links or shared your email with friends. Over time, these statistics will tell you what does and doesn’t work with your audience.

With our cloud storage service, you can access your email campaigns anytime and from anywhere using any device- desktop, tablet or iPhone. You can schedule the campaign for a future date or send right away. Monitor delivery in our reports and stats right away. There are feedback loops with all major ISP so this guarantees high delivery rates.


An A/B split test helps you come to informed decisions on which strategies to use in the design of your emails. It also helps you track customer trends and response to your mails overtime. Split tests help identify ideal options for your unique audience, and pinpoint the variables affecting your open and conversion rates and refine segmentation. You can also test subject lines, from name, sending time, email content and CTA.



With Sadja Email Marketing, you can better track your email marketing campaign performance and gain insights into email stats like click rate, open, bounced rates, and unsubscribed. The Sadja WebSolutions offers numerous ways to analyze and interpret your campaign performance with data and charts to help improve your campaign.

Packages & Pricing

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Email all your customers before your first cup of coffee.


Our Email Marketing

Tried, tested, and proven true, our process combines market research, automation, and personalization
to deliver meaningful results. ​


Plotting the path to success

Email marketing is not a sprint but a marathon, so we’ll need to define your goals to determine a clear road map to success.

Database development and optimization

Building your client list If your website’s been running for a while, then you likely have a decently sized list of contacts from your sales efforts. We’ll take the time to clean this up for you by removing obsolete information and improving upon what isn’t.

Sign Ups

Getting people to opt-in

The more people you try to contact who didn’t initially choose to join you, the more trouble you will have getting emails through to them. The best people to include in your email marketing campaign are those who expressed interests in your offerings. And we’ll help you get them by
– Incorporating email newsletter sign-up forms on relevant pages of your website
-Adding opt-in fields to your inquiry forms
-Adding links to your email signature that remind one-time email recipients to opt-in

Content Creation

Connecting you to your audience

If there’s one thing to spend extra time and effort on, its copy for your email message. Our commitment to your email marketing success means you get the best of a multi-disciplinary team of copywriters, designers and user experience specialists. We will craft compelling copy for your emails that speaks directly to your target audience.


Evaluating audience response

As part of the development process, we provide quality assurance and testing to ensure your eCommerce website is fully operational. We’ll run tests on over 100 checkpoints to assess your website’s reliability, performance, and security. Once that’s done, we’re ready to launch.


Adding a personal touch

We’ll add a personality to your campaign through scheduled messages that reach your clients at precisely the right moments. We’ll add a personality to your campaign through scheduled messages that reach your clients at precisely the right moments.

Ongoing Evaluation and Optimization

Finetuning your campaign

We’ll add a personality to your campaign through scheduled messages that reach your clients at precisely the right moments.

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