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Internet marketing provides the advantage of wider coverage for businesses. However, the majority of a business’s clients come from around it, especially when the business is still in its infancy stage.

Therefore, a traditional approach to SEO won’t cut it, and they would need a unique marketing strategy targeted at a local audience.

When done correctly, local business marketing allows businesses improve their brand, develop healthy relationship with their clients, increase customer loyalty and secure higher conversion rates.

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Our Local Marketing Services include:


At Sadja Web Solutions, one of the first steps we take when designing a client’s online marketing strategy is by implementing a local SEO campaign. Indexing if a site on major search engines determines the ranking of the particular site and this can be done by submitting an XML sitemap to platforms like Google and Webmaster. We also provide businesses with increased visibility on search engines by optimizing their sites with appropriate images, videos, description and other related factors which determines a sites visibility.



A well curated client listing goes a long way in facilitating a business’s marketing campaigns. At Sadja Web Solutions, we help clients create listings in various online business directories like Yelp! and Google+ as this plays a significant role in increasing their visibility and accessibility to potential clients.


Local Pay per Click are ads shown to persons searching within a 50 mile radius of your business. Local PPC is the fastest way to attract customers to your business and convert them into recurring customers. The wonderful thing about local PPC is that it attracts traffic from persons who are likely to buy from your business right away and it is a cheaper and more effective means of getting high ROI.


Almost everyone is on one form of social media or the next therefore you should be there interacting with them to influence their purchase decisions. At Sadja Web Solutions, we provide you with all the resources needed to interact with your customers. We analyze all social media platforms and tailor your marketing plan to suit the social media platform where the bulk of your customers would be. Our social media reach include but are not restricted to:
• Blogs
• Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram,
• Digital videos
• iPhone apps
• Facebook apps

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