Mobile App Design

Navigating the mobile-first era.
Almost overnight, mobile has evolved into the primary way users experience digital products.

Today, audiences judge brands by the quality of experience they provide.

Without a compelling mobile experience, you’re running the risk of being written off as a waste of time.

Apps are not the only path to success on mobile, but they are a vital tool – they’re inherently mobile, offer plenty of functionality and give you permanent residence on devices your customers check more than 50 times every day.

With nearly a decade of expertise in digital strategy, Sadja understands what it takes to achieve intuitive, engaging mobile experiences.

For brands ready to enter the app marketplace, we’re a reliable partner for success.

Our App Design

Our app design strategy is strategic, creative, and user-focused.
Our team will help you design compelling digital experiences based on research and meticulous testing.

Strategy and Discovery

Learning the landscape

We’ll start with you: stake-holder meetings help us understand your plans for the application and the challenges you want to solve. Furthermore, our team will study the app market, identify trends, best practices, and remarkable successes. We’ll observe how other apps solve your users' problems and determine how you can set yourself apart from the rest.

UX Design

Creating the Experience

Our UX team will create personas and user journeys to understand your users. Clear task flows will help determine exactly which features are needed to support users across the experience.

User Testing

Test, improve, and test again

User testing is a crucial proofing tool for our team. We'll let representatives from key user groups try out prototypes and beta versions from an early stage, record their behavior and collect feedback throughout. This information helps us improve the experience and enhance the product.

UI Design

Part of the brand

We start visual design with an exploratory meeting – we’ll share inspiration and listen to you to get a feel for what works for you and what doesn’t. Then, our design team will get to work creating a visual identity for your application.

Deployment and post-launch

Into the real world.

With your approval, your app will enter development - an area we understand deeply, and the final phase before launch. Finally, your app will enter the store - but our work doesn’t stop there. After helping you launch, our team will help you market your product across major channels and provide dedicated support.

We love to help.

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