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Sadja WebSolutions provides your business with an analysis of your online presence to help you determine how well your business is doing online.

This analysis involves a study of your business's

web page, its functionality, and content. This analysis also involves keyword planning and research especially as relates to the competition. We will also analyze your web presence critically so you can effortlessly pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

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Key part of online marketing strategy

An online presence expansion is mandatory for every business, small or large and this should form a key part of their online marketing strategy. An online marketing strategy will help your business build its brand and online visibility.

This provides access to more customers who may be interested in your product or services.

To see how your brand fares as relates to its online presence, Sadja WebSolutions offers expert online presence analysis. This will help in determining how your business ranks beside the competition.

What are the features of an Online Presence Analysis ?

The features of an online presence analysis include:

On-page and Off-page analysis

The design and functionality of the company’s web page

The competitions comparison

An analysis of web traffic and visitor patterns

The websites keyword ranking 

The brands visibility in search engine results

Its social media presence

Content reporting

Ideas to increase revenue and gain more business

Your Online Presence Evaluation Consists Of:

A video review of the analysis

A detailed report on the findings, recommendations and resources

A 30-minute phone consultation

Email follow up to monitor and insure results

Why is Online Presence Analysis Important?

Taking concrete steps to monitor your company’s presence on the web helps establish a baseline from where you can measure improvements over the next couple of months. Increased visibility leads to increase in customer presence and ultimately, revenue.
If there’s any other thing you think you will need for your analysis, let us know.


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