People love convenience and clarity – It’s in their nature. And, in a digital world ruled by seamless user experiences, expectations can run high.

So when a digital asset like a website or mobile app isn’t user-friendly,

people get frustrated. And when this happens, they go somewhere else – leaving with a wrong impression of your brand.

There’s good news. While creating a great user experience takes effort, it’s not impossible. All you need is the right talent and a willingness to listen to your users, and the readiness to test and learn.

Sadja’s team of User interface developers offer all those qualities and more. They live to create exceptional experiences that convert leads and keep users coming back.

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Our UI/UX Design process:

Our process may adapt to our clients’ requirements, but the basics remain unchanged. We convert a deep understanding of user behavior into an enjoyable experience.


Understanding business context

Like every other Sadja’s project, User Experience design starts with discovering your business’ goals, so we can set accurate objectives and targets to measure success.

User Research

Keeping it user-focused

User research may take a variety of forms. Quantitative surveys, semi-structured interviews, and user testing can all provide valuable insights that inform later decisions.

We’ll work with you to determine the best kinds of user research for your needs and budget.

User Testing

Seeking frequent feedback

The defining test of any experience is how it’s perceived by actual users. We use the best tools to implement card sorting, first-click testing, and task analysis. Again, we will work closely with you to determine the best user experience tests for your project.

User Journeys and Persona creation

Putting research to work

Personas put a name, face, and story to a user group, while user journeys model how a representative user will accomplish tasks. These tools help us understand your audience and ensure all the decisions we make benefit their experience.

Sitemap / App map

Sitemaps or App maps enable us to show how pages and screens fit together within the experience and how users will interact to achieve their desired goals.

Wireframing and prototyping

Creating the blueprints to success

Wireframes are mockups of pages and screens. Prototypes show how they’re intended to work.

Wireframes and prototypes are not designs, but they provide the flow and interactions needed to guide the User Interface designer, who will use these blueprints to make the design mockups appealing.

Technical specifications and Documentation

Ensuring a seamless transition

Our user experience team works with designers and developers. They’ll create highly refined specifications showing how each interaction works so the experience can be implemented with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

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