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Company image refers to the reputation, the beliefs and the impression that the public has about your company. The information on the Internet can easily shape these, and it is important to have a digital foot to create the right image for your company and avoid speculations from various unreliable sources.
A step-by-step guide to successfully promote your products and services on the Web.

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Business Card 15 Mistakes Revealed

15 Silly Mistakes You’re Making With Your Business Card and How To Avoid Them

Mistake #9:

Overly honest message We understand that you may be desperately in need of a contract at the moment and are ready to take on any project, but then, it is not necessary to indicate it on your business card. If your card says that you are good at any job, it will not make you look good, it will make you sound desperate, and people don’t like that. Accord some level of respect to yourself and others will respect you too...

In this eBook, we’ll be talking about 15 mistakes businesses make with their business cards and how to fix them.

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