Website Administration

Like any aspect of your business, your website needs meticulous care to flourish. While you can do it yourself, its usually better to delegate the task to a reliable partner

We'll handle all your Web Administration needs

Sadja’s Webmasters, the professionals who perform website administration and management, have a very specific skill set. Besides strong troubleshooting and analytical abilities, they have extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, SQL, and JavaScript, so they can handle just about any problem with your website. We’ll deliver reliable support whenever you need it – that’s our promise to you.

Our website administration process


We’ll start by building our understanding of your business. We’ll speak to key stakeholders to gain a better understanding of you and your clients’ expectations from your website.

Website optimization

We’ll provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure your website runs smoothly, will minimal errors and optimal load times.

Hosting and Email support

We’ll provide support for hosting and email, and also maintain channels of communication with your webhost so we can quickly resolve bugs and hosting problems.

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