Client Overview

New Chic is a B2C online fashion shopping destination that provides its customers with uniquely designed fashion products. It offers a variety of clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories to them, helping its clients pursue their unique style.

This eCommerce shopping platform is committed to helping its customers live the ideal life of leisure and comfort by inspiring them to define their personality and beauty with their unique fashion (clothes). It is also doing so by providing its high-quality, uniquely designed fashion products at a low price, making them affordable to everyone globally.

And because of this, it has grown, achieving global success as one of the best online shopping websites globally. It has won worldwide recognition and trust from clients in Europe, the Middle East, America, and Southeast Asia.

To realize its vision of becoming one of the leading eCommerce fashion destinations globally, New Chic made quality web design a top priority.

It wanted an eCommerce website that showcases and markets its products to customers all over the globe and gives them the best online shopping experience. New Chic wanted an e-commerce fashion shopping platform that is a favorite among fashion lovers (enthusiasts) all over the globe.


The Challenge

New Chic’s website was initially optimized for a Chinese (Hong Kong) market. And because of this, it limited the fashion brand’s growth potential as only local customers could access the shopping site’s fashion products and accessories.

The old website also had a poor user interface. The website design and style (look) were unengaging. It didn’t speak emotionally to the shopping site’s users. And because of that, there were no good feelings associated with the brand, which made the users’ shopping experience not pleasurable. And this led to the website having a bounce rate.

So we had to redesign an eCommerce website that would aptly represent New Chic’s voice and goals, communicate the brand’s mission (helping customers live their ideal life of leisure and comfort using the uniquely designed fashion outfits and accessories at low prices), increase customer engagement, increase international reach and sales.

The Approach


We conducted a website analysis and found that it needed to be built from scratch. The old website was a WordPress site (not the best option for an eCommerce platform). It was optimized for a small reach (Hong Kong) and had a poor user interface.


With this in mind, our team of web developers and designers redesigned the whole site. They made a new prototype (through coding) and created a modern custom website with a new user-friendly interface design.

The Results

New Chic’s new site has made it realize its dream. It has helped it tap into the worldwide market and gain recognition as one of the best eCommerce brands worldwide. This has all been possible because the site is optimized for an international market.

Anyone from any part of the world can access the shopping platform and make an order. And because of this, New Chic has more clients and a 15% increase in organic traffic.

The dynamic, modern, and engaging user interface has increased the site’s visitors’ engagement, leading to a 32% decrease in bounce rate and more sales.

Overall, New Chic’s redesigned site has given the online shopping platform a new tone, voice, and style that effectively communicates the New Chic Brand, helping it attain global success.


Quelle expérience fantastique. Grande communication, grand service et attention aux détails excellente. J’utiliserai certainement à nouveau ce service. Merci beaucoup..

Linda, PDG – Acai Body

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