Does my business need an online presence?


The short answer is YES! Big or small, all businesses can benefit from a strong online presence. In today’s world, a little presence can go a long way. If you’re not online, people may wonder if you’re old-fashioned or behind the times, and that never reflects well on business. Here are seven ways your business could benefit from being online:


1. Make a great first impression

Having an online presence tells a customer who you are and what makes your goods or services unique. This is your chance to communicate what makes your business special and how you can serve them.


2. The internet is open 24 hours

Sure, anyone can learn about you by walking past your storefront. But, what if you’re not open? If you have an online presence, they can learn more about your business by reviewing your general information online, such as your phone number and business hours.


3. Gain popularity faster

If you have a happy customer, how will they tell their friend about your store? They could tell them the address, or better – they could share your website that will provide this potential new customer more information.


4. Improve customer service

If someone isn’t happy with their experience, they will find a way to leave a bad review online. Without an online presence, that review will become your online presence! By monitoring your reviews online, you can try to find a way to please unhappy customers. This reflects well on your responsiveness and that you care about your customers.


5. Find New Opportunities

By being online, other businesses or organizations can more easily contact you about new opportunities, such as having your business participate in a local gathering or festival. If you are not easy to find online or contact, that opportunity might slip away!


6. Testing Grounds

Let’s say you are interested in providing a new service to your customers, but you are not sure if they would be interested. By having an online presence, you can contact those who visit your website and send them a survey. This will save you time and money from investing in things no one is interested in.


7. Speed up orders and deliveries

As a small business, it is hard to compete with big online stores. An easy way to become more competitive is to have an online business where an entire order can be placed and processed online. This saves both you and the customer time on the phone, and you get started right away on processing their order.


Overall, every business needs an online presence these days. It is important to note, an out-of-date or difficult to navigate website can be worse than no website at all. Although this list may sound like a lot of work for a small business, there are companies out there, like Sadja WebSolutions, that are ready at a moment’s notice to help you design a website that is effective and easy to maintain. A great website is a worthwhile investment for a small business.


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