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A business card is a small card with individual/company name, designation and contact information including email address, company address, phone number and so on printed on it. It has been used for formal introductions by businesses. Business stationery is just the writing materials like paper, office stationery, and envelopes. Stationery also includes materials which the computer users to print on. Sadja has an expert team of designers who provide expert graphical design services. They provide the following graphical design services - logo design, stationery and business cards, caricatures and cartoons, posters and flyers, packaging and book covers, and a host of other services like, web hosting, web and app development, software development in Uganda..

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Sadja using the graphic design team provides professional business cards and stationery services. Business cards contain information about an individual or a company. Business cards are used as memory aids and for convenience during formal introductions. They typically include the name of the individual or company and the contact details. Nowadays, they may include social media details for better communication. Business cards vary based on regions. We provide customized business card design services as we understand the needs of our clients.

Business stationery includes writing materials to be used in the office or during meetings outside the office. Such stationery needs to be embossed with the company logo. We, at Sadja, understand the need for logo embossing on the business stationery. For instance, embossing the logo on the letterhead of the company, on the pens and other office supplies, stamps, envelopes and others. We understand the importance of business stationery and provide professional business stationery design services as part of our graphic design services.

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    Thank you very much for your amazing work, Excellent professional and stuck at a challenging task completely satisfied with such a focused designer

    Nathan , Director at Creative Designer
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    SadjaWebsolutions is the best. it did a lot of things for free, other web company would have charged for. My business is thriving, all thanks to her efforts. I recommend Sadja to everyone. Thanks a lot Sadja looking forward to working with you again.

    Delphin , Manager

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