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What is SEO Link Building and how your website can benefit from it

Link building refers to a process where an online marketer or business owner gets other websites to link back to their web sites. The higher the number of backlinks to your website, the higher your Search Engine Optimisation SEO score. Effective link building positions your website as a quality, trustworthy
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Happy Women’s day to the hustlers

Being a woman is not for everyone. Your friends will say you work so hard, and you don’t spare time for a small chit chat. Your family will ask why you no longer call regularly and tick off days on your calendar for a family visit. Your employer will ask
Posted on March 7, 2019
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You should really rethink that headline

Three factors for a strong, effective headline The headline of an article is almost as important as the body – after all, low interest in your headline = low click-through rate = fewer readers to appreciate your work. Fortunately, writing a powerful, eye-catching headline isn’t quite as daunting a task
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5 Things to Keep In Mind While Choosing A Web- Host

There is no job in this world that doesn’t require planning. From the moment the day ends to the moment it starts, one starts planning the deeds of the other day.  When planning is such a vital part of life then how can it escape when it comes to ‘choosing
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Top 5 Reasons Why Customers Are Not Buying

Great sales are the lifeline of a successful business and businesses that fail to attract buyers tend to fall off the business radar in the long run. As you read this article, business is opening somewhere with hopes of attracting customers to buy their products and services, Yet in another
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3 Reasons Why SEO Works For Small Business

Off lately, most of the digital marketers, influencers and bloggers have left a big gap in bridging SEO and SMM marketing needs. Most of the software companies in Uganda are duped in finding the reasons as to why they should hire a search engine optimization company. Well, there are several

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