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10 Things You Must Know Before You Invest in Website Design for Business

The prospect of using your money to create a web design that operates on the premise of adaptability and autonomy is hard to ignore. You are going to need a website designer, no matter whether you’re an artisan, a small scale entrepreneur selling textiles in the heart of the city
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Top-Notch Strategy to Boost Your Web Presence

Today, more and more consumers are discovering a worthwhile experience transacting business through the internet. From shopping for the latest electronic gadgets to booking an air ticket and a hotel room in the comfort of their homes, the internet has made it easy to do business. What does web presence
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7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Essential for Your Business

Did you know that there are more than 3.2 billion people on social media globally, according to the Hubspot Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2019? Therefore knowledge about social media marketing is increasingly becoming important for small and large scale businesses. The following statistics should tickle your mind into designing
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Reasons Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certification Today

If you are an internet tech-savvy, by now you may have noticed that some website Uniform Resource Locator – URLs start with HTTP while others start with https. The S in https stands for Safe encryption. SSL certification guarantees safe encryption. The term “safe encryption” is standard on eCommerce websites that require users to
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9 Smart SEO Tactics Every Blogger Should Know

Are you a blogger and wondering how to increase your blog audience from zero to double and triple digits? Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the number one tool that will help you increase your audience. One of the crucial points you need to note is that you no longer
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10 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today and Generate Revenue in Uganda

Have you ever thought of creating online business and generating some good money on the internet? If your response is a resounding yes, you are not different from people who wake up every morning scratching their heads for ideas on how to make money on the internet. Online business is

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