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Know Why Your Small Business Needs Website Hosting

Having a website is like hiring an employee who wears many hats and works non-stop for your small business. No matter your line of business or profession, there’s no denying that websites work. They can generate business, deliver strong and wide-reaching marketing messages, promote and maintain goodwill among target prospects
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Does my business need an online presence?

. The short answer is YES! Big or small, all businesses can benefit from a strong online presence. In today’s world, a little presence can go a long way. If you’re not online, people may wonder if you’re old-fashioned or behind the times, and that never reflects well on business.
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7 Reasons Why Your Logo Is Killing Your Business

  A Logo is a blend of imagery and text that tells the name of the company with a visual representation of your brand.   A good logo should be: 1. Simple. A good logo should be simple because a simple logo attractive to look at. 2. Memorable. A good
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Your business gets a dominant web presence for just $260, at absolutely no risk to you!

One thing that usually amuses us is what prospective clients ask when they first reach out to us. And this might amuse you as well. The first thing clients wonder when they reach out to us is whether the offer described on our pricing page is “entirely” true. They wonder,
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Know IOS 12 Notification: If Preparing Your App

Notifications can be a chore to sort through especially when you regularly receive a massive influx of alerts, each demanding to be seen. As a business owner or app developer, keeping track of the changes that device and OS manufacturers make to notifications and notification management is critical so you
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How To Identify The Wrong Customers And Fire Them Out Of Your Business

It is difficult to know when to let go of a client. Every customer is lucrative and having solid client base it what every business strives for. But every business should know which customers are worth keeping around and which to let go. Ways to Identify the Wrong Customers Have

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