Guaranteed SEO Services Refund Policy


At Sadja Web Solutions, we believe in providing our clients with guaranteed SEO services. One reason why we operate with this principle is that we realize that several companies provide SEO services to businesses and at the end of the day these services make little or no impact on the fortunes of the businesses. For this reason, Sadja Web Solutions, a customer-driven company operates a performance driven SEO campaign where if we fail to deliver, you get your money back.

Therefore, prospective clients are more eager to do business with us knowing they have a “100% satisfaction or your Money Back” policy.



NOTE: This service relates only to organic SEO marketing services and doesn’t extend to our other services or marketing products such as social media and web design.

The period where this refund policy begins to take effect is from the launch of the website on the web, whether the website was designed by Sadja Web Solutions or a third party. The client has two options if the refund policy fails:

·      Request a refund on all monthly fees paid after the completion of the primary period

·      Or, make a request for Sadja Web Solutions to continue the SEO work with no refund. If opted out from repayment, billing stops immediately and as a courtesy to the client Sadja Web Solutions will provide an additional 3 (three) months of guaranteed SEO services even after the guaranteed results are achieved.



The guidelines below are designed to ensure adherence with the best practices of refund policies and ensure our clients receive the most practical benefits from our programs.

a.          The contract may be cancelled at any time- If a client cancels during the primary period of SEO performance, a refund will not be granted and while future fees will be discontinued, a refund will not be given for payments which were made previously.

b.          Setup fees cover specific costs- These fees are appropriated towards initial website analysis, search engine placement, professional advice, onsite and offsite optimization, press release writing and distribution, content development, and more. Contract setup fees are different from monthly setup fees and are often non-refundable. Please understand that our goal is to earn your business and maintain a relationship with you and this we can’t do if we don’t deliver.

c.           SEO elements require precise optimization- It is our responsibility to ensure that all variables adhere with specific standards so any changes made on web content, alt tags, images, keywords, design layout, structure, meta tags, and/or any website copy or elements including menus on the website by the client or client’s agent without an agreement by Sadja Web Solutions, a refund will not be granted. Adhering with these guidelines ensures that all techniques are kept consistent with proper current internet marketing standards.

d.          Relationship compliance with best practices- It is our responsibility to stay current on industry trends and provide appropriate feedback on the best practices to be implemented on your website. If the recommendations which we make to the client are rejected, a refund will be denied. This includes but is not limited to changing web content, coding, website navigation, page structure, keyword density, and external linking we do not recommend.

e.           Sadja Web Solutions SEO must be the exclusive search engine optimization provider- If another or alternative SEO Company is recruited by the client to work on the website during the primary period to perform a search engine optimization, a refund will not be granted.

f.             Positive reputation and inclusion in the search results- Search engine placement depends on our ability to improve the website’s relationship with the search engines. Any domains that are de-indexed, become de-indexed, are blacklisted or become blacklisted due to client’s actions will not be granted a refund.

g.          Website accessibility and availability- We can only work on a website when we have complete access to the site. Therefore, a refund will not be granted if we are in any way restricted from accessing the website fully, either by being offline or in some other way.

h.          Open for business services- Staying in business during the period when we are effecting our SEO campaign on the site is important for our work to take effect. Therefore, if a client goes out of business, changes the initially approved website URL and/or approved primary keyword list, a refund will not be granted.

i.            Deliverability of services- A refund will not be granted a client if for any reason we are limited from performing our activities, or if the client chooses to customize the scope of work pre-defined in the SEO packages.

We maintain a client centric approach in every department, process and transaction and we are always seeking ways to enhance a client's business and the results of our guaranteed SEO services.

Contact us today and let us earn your business. We look forward to helping you reach your goals.


Sadja Web Solutions is a client-focused company and in everything we do, we love to carry our clients along as it is our core belief that our customers are why we are in business. We extend this mantra to all facets of our business including our marketing efforts, and recently, we launched a pilot program where our clients get paid for driving traffic to Sadja Web Solutions (traffic which converts into sale). 

The online space has become extremely competitive especially as new businesses, platforms and services are entering the market daily. This makes it extremely difficult for businesses to get their share of the market and has necessitated the creation of smart marketing programs aimed at getting a share of the market. Innovatively, as we always are at Sadja Web Solutions, we came up with this paid referral program which gives anyone who brings a client to us 20% of the money paid from them.

Our competitive payouts of 20% of the money paid by the client is among the fastest in the industry, and there are several reliable payment options to choose from. Also, the amount of clients you can refer is unlimited so the more you refer, the more you make and so far, those persons who have keyed into this program can testify to its legitimacy and transparency.

At Sadja Web Solutions, the range of services which we offer to clients are numerous so there would definitely be someone out there in need of one or more of the services which we have on offer. We help clients in web design services, digital marketing, affordable web hosting, graphics design, video promotion, mobile and web application development, software development, live chat, and so much more. There's little as regards providing technological assistance to businesses which we are not engaged in so all you need do is say the word and we will be there to help you.



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