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 Social media marketing also helps increase the efficiency of other marketing techniques including SEO and SEM- by driving traffic, building backlinks, brand recognition, goodwill, and awareness. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be using social media marketing in your marketing and branding efforts, and if you are at a loss on how to do this, Sadja WebSolutions can help.

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Our social Media
Marketing Services

Our knowledge of social media encompasses data, content, and design to create compelling
social experiences that build customer loyalty and trust

Social listening and Research

You must know your customers on a personal level to understand why they do what they do. We analyse your audience’s demographics to identify their lifestyles, attitudes and interests. We use professional social tools to learn what people are saying about you, your competitors, industry, and other topics that may concern your business.

Channel Planning and Optimization

Every social platform has unique benefits. Our expertise will ensure your brand gets onto the right platforms and pushes the right content for each channel. Whether its your first launch or you’re enhancing customer experience, our team will help you optimise your company pages with new visuals, offers, calls to action, and more.


Although reaching audiences has mostly become a pay-to-play proposition, customers still value organic social media content, so smart businesses don’t avoid it. Our team will help you capitalise on any opportunities to grow your brand’s following.

Social Media Advertising

When it’s time to boost your organic reach with paid ads, our marketing team will launch campaigns with precise audience tracking. We monitor audience and ad performance continuously, optimising your expenses to ensure your budget is used with maximum efficiency.


You will receive routine reports on our progress. Ongoing evaluation of social ads provides a general picture of what’s going on, but it always helps to have a thorough analysis of a campaign’s KPIs and measure them against preset goals. That way, we can identify ways to improve audience targeting and create more brand advocates

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