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9 Qualities of a Sought-After Software Development Company

Ariane Alyerunga

June 5, 2018

9 Qualities of a Sort-after Software Development Company

Building quality software for your start-up or business in the new age of rapid technological advancement is the norm. You can hire experienced in-house software developers or outsource to a reputable software company.

The former will require thorough screening of prospective hires across all touchpoints to deliver global standard custom software for your business. You will need more resources and the already scarce time to offer in this scenario.

Outsourcing to the best software development company saves your business time and resources. Your human resource team doesn’t need to take long hours scrapping through job boards to hire a team of software engineers who might be a bad fit.

Which are the characteristics of a good software development company?


A clear direction on projects

A clear roadmap for software development ideation to delivery deadlines ensures all stakeholders are on the same page. A 39% failure rate for most projects is due to the organization’s changing priorities.

Additionally, changing the project’s objectives along the execution process will likely result in a 37% failure rate.

Both parties need clear direction on the objectives and highlight critical areas that may require changes to increase the odds of software development success.

Expertise in software development

The software space has become very competitive over the years. Developing an average software won’t help your business stay competitive. Your business needs expert software engineers who have worked in your industry to meet these expectations.

  • A critical characteristic of any sort-after software development company is the kind of clients they have worked with in the past.
  • Do your needs match some past clients this software company has worked with?
  • Are there any past clients in your industry?
  • What do past clients say about the software company’s expertise?


Required resources to complete projects

The kind of resources your software project needs goes beyond a software developer team.

  • Access to integration, development, and quality control resources
  • Tools for seamless communication with the team
  • Financial resources to cater to the whole projects
  • Research and creativity tools

Top software companies that deliver require these resources to provide clients with their custom software needs.


Open communications

According to CMSWire, 97% of employees believe communication impacts their task efficacy.

A study by Economist Unit Intelligence found that poor workplace communication impacts work delivery in several ways;

  • 44% of the cases failed to complete projects
  • 25% of the cases missed performance goals
  • 31% of the cases resulted in low employee morale.

No business will want to work with software companies that have siloed communication from teams. Double-check if your prospective software company has open communications. You don’t want a key software developer to quit in the middle of your project for poor communications.


Leadership structure

Working remotely has become a thing now. However, leadership principles for managing teams have not changed much. We have tools to ease the leadership structure, but it will slow project deliveries if an organization has bureaucracy.

Better leadership in a software company leads to timely and quality software development projects. Consider working with companies that empower their teams to meet your project’s expectations.

Here are some crisis leadership skills to observe if pressure amount during software project executions;

  • Ability to adapt to changes
  • Creative and innovative in solving problems
  • Making relevant decisions on the spot
  • Managing relationships with the team effectively
  • Proper and open communication with the team

Agile to meet clients’ needs

The software development ecosystem is exceptionally flexible. New software enabler versions get released often. As a client, you need to work with an agile software company.

If your software needs some minor changes, it’s critical to have a software development partner who can quickly adapt to the changes.

A great software company that will meet your needs might need to get answers to some of these questions;

  1. Can you tell us about your company’s project workflow?
  2. What are some additional changes we should expect?
  3. Do you have a budget for any advanced software changes?
  4. What do you want to achieve with the software design?


Detailed-oriented developers can catch mistakes in their code. But in case they miss the errors, how quickly are they to make the necessary corrections?

Accepting software errors is the first right thing for any top software company.

A detailed-oriented software engineer will exhibit the following traits;

  • Triple-checking their work
  • Impressive memory
  • Perfectionist tendencies
  • Work in a systematic way
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Gets granular before starting the project

Creativity at the core

Does the software company team think outside the box?

You can only get the answer to this question by looking at the company’s past projects. The notion that software developers are writers of long boring lines of code is far from the truth.

Reputable software companies have creative software engineers in their teams that deliver quality software projects.

Other qualities of a good software developer include;

  • A good team player
  • Immense technical experience
  • System thinker
  • End-user focus
  • Communicative

Meeting delivery deadlines

There are no excuses for failure to meet clients’ deadlines. Experienced software companies have mastered strategies that help them meet set timelines.

If the set time seems short, open communications with the clients reduce the tension and build trust. Also, you want to work with companies that set realistic timelines and not being too optimistic about winning your contract.

Be warned of software companies that change deadlines. It’s a sign of failure. Do your research on which software company to pick for your projects by reading online reviews.

Closing thoughts

The list of software development companies is overwhelming when you do a quick search. However, you want to choose a software company that meets your needs and beyond, like building mobile and app development for you in the future.

Consider the above qualities as your checklist while searching for a software development company partner and in the interview process to choose the best-fit partners for your software projects.


FAQs Section

How do you evaluate a software development company?

  • Company background
  • Project cost
  • Past client list
  • Employees
  • Security of your software

What are the qualities of good software?

  • Scalability
  • Useability
  • Reliability
  • Re-usability
  • Portability
  • Integrability
  • Why is software quality important?

Software quality reduces reworking on the same code and increases predictability. Software developers do the coding once and the right way. This increases productivity for the whole team overall and meets deadlines.