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How Guest Blogging Is Useful In Relationship Building

Guest blogging involves writing content for another company’s website or blog. It has become a popular link building strategy among many brands, and this is because; it attracts traffic to their website, boosts domain authority using external links, increases brand credibility and awareness, builds relationships with peers in that industry. Unfortunately, only a few brands use it successfully.
It is a pretty easy concept to tackle: I mean publishing content on a company’s site and securing links back to yours. It is exchanging your well-written content to acquire a quality link. It is a good idea with a cost-effective way of acquiring links.
As we all know, good copies don’t come easy; they need time and extensive research, and this is the reason why the cost per link goes overboard.
Even with your ability to write thousands of posts in a day, this strategy is quite challenging to scale. With hundreds of links, you will need hundreds of posts, and there is much more to that than producing massive content.
On top of delivering a quality blog post, you need to spend some time pitching your ideas to the editors. It is important to have a new editor each month so that you can guest post on as many sites as possible and not focus on just a few. There is a ton of hidden work that comes through link building as a guest contributor hence; below is how you can secure quality links.

3 Ways to Enhance Your Guest Blogging Strategy

The first rule you must know about guest blogging is having quality content at all times. In this day and era, no one is interested in boring or poorly written blog posts on their site because it doesn’t attract readers. Since you know that your content is excellent, it is time you thought about how to get the most links with each submitted guest post. These three strategies will help you boost your guest blogging;

Blogging-Strategy--188x300 How Guest Blogging Is Useful In Relationship BuildingGive a link to sites that are heavily investing in a link building process

Many sites are working on how to make their brands more visible and this is where you come in. These sites are in constant search for new ways to build links and this is why they are interested in partnering up with you. When you allocate links within your guest post to such sites, you immediately establish mutually beneficial relationships with them which makes it much easier and as a result, you acquire links much faster. The strategy can dramatically decrease the cost per each link that you acquire while guest blogging.
Your question should be ‘’How will I find those sites?’’
It is not as simple as you think!
It takes time most, especially if you are not sure of the sites that are accepting guest posts within your niche.
Ideally, use the search query as your starting point and where you put your niche related term as your ‘keyword.’ The search process is straightforward, but it gets pretty repetitive.
If you want to get off boring tasks like scraping SERPs quickly, there is a way around for you.

  • Go to BuzzSumo tool and get a list of top authors within your niche and by also searching via a relevant term.
  • When you get the list, navigate with BuzzSumo to a report called Web Content Analyzer under content and search for all authors’ post.
  • Finally, you have gotten the list of blogs the top authors contributed to. This is a great starting point for a list of sites with guest bloggers.
  • Then export a list of posts that were published on these blogs in the last few months. The BuzzSumo report has a separate column with the authors’ names for your reference.
  • Putting together a list of guest contributors across your niche is a lot of work and neither fun.

The good news is you need to do it once!
In case you want to try out this strategy, start with the people that are writing to the same blogs as you before you invest a lot of time into your research.
The best part is that you have something in common with these contributors, and this makes it much more responsive.
You will now have a list of contributors that are working on making their brands more visible in your niche.
All you need to do is to connect with them and ask whether they are interested in teaming up on a linking building site.

Link to Posts on Blogs Where You Are Planning To Pitch Your Next Guest Post

It is something that you think people ought to do, but when you look at it from the other side, people rarely use this strategy.
Linking to a blog gives a great impression and shows that you have an interest in becoming their contributor. The better proof of that is by giving them a valuable link. Pre-work helps to melt the ice but don’t be quick to provide links to every single blog. Don’t give out a link without coordinating with the editor beforehand as it will guarantee that;

  • You will bring them a link to content that they are currently working on to get in the top of Google. It will be much more appreciated than any other link.
  • You will have many chances of replying while not pitching anything to them.
  • You will establish relationships before sending your guest post pitch. The chances of your guest post being accepted in the future become high.

After engaging in conversations with the editors, they will be happy to consider your guest post for their blog.

Ask Editors to Connect You with Other Guest Contributors or Blog Editors

This step takes the previous strategy to a whole new level. As earlier discussed, helping the editors with links establishes mutually beneficial relationships. So it is acceptable to ask for help in return for your favours. Ask for a warm intro to other blog contributors and other blog editors so that you can expand your network opportunities and maybe there could be a chance for collaboration.
Getting links by helping others
Guest posts are not only great for securing quality links but also for building relationships with both editors and bloggers. It requires a bit of time at the start but gets better as you go most, especially if you are following the above strategies. Hence the more people you know in your niche, the easier it is for you to acquire links.