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How Much Does a Website Cost in Uganda?

Baraka Kalumba

SEO Manager

By investing time and money into a tailored site, you can guarantee that your brand gets spoken for exactly how it ought to be.
Three fundamental factors determine the cost of any website.
The strategy you choose: template or custom?
The hourly charge of the web design agency
The skill of the agency team

How will a website cost in Uganda?

The cost of a website varies entirely according to your strategy. These three essential factors can guide your brand’s website cost calculation.

1: The Cost Of your Website Depends On your decision to go with A Custom Or Templated strategy

There are two approaches taken in creating a website:
Begin with a pre-existing template and adjust it.
Develop and build a custom website
Beginning with a pre-existing template cuts more time spent on the website than developing and building it from the ground up. Take note; however, there are demerits of beginning with a template.
For instance, the quality of the code could be shaky, and it can disturb the website if you alter it too much or add more complex functions.
A tailored, professional site design will take significantly longer to set up and will cost more as more time gets spent building it, but rest assured, a well-executed site will yield the best results.
As we always tell our clientele, “The cost of the site is not as valuable as the results it provides.”

2: Website Design Agency Charges Add to Your Website Price

If you decide to spend $5,000 on your website and it fails to generate leads or sales, it’s a complete waste of your resources and a loss of potential opportunities.
Some clients will see the price tag and say, “That’s very expensive.” Other clients will see the value of it.
Point to note: The cost of the site is not vital ― the results from it are.
With that in mind, we comprehend that not every client has access to the funds necessary for building a custom website. If there is a limit to your budget and you need a website with essential functions, you can begin with a template.
Though as Sadja WebSolutions, we strongly advise against that approach because, as you can tell by now, the cost of a website is not as vital as the results you yield

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3: The Agency’s Skill/Competence Determines Their Web Design Service Rate

Teaming with an agency with a seasoned batch of web designers and developers is sure to arrive at a higher cost, but it ultimately guarantees your website project is a success.
Search for a web design agency that deals in your current business niche and has a winning track record of creating successful and aesthetic websites within your business field.
The agency you entrust with your brand’s website needs to fully grasp the ins and outs of your market, your field, and your desired target audience to design your website to match that criteria.
Distinguished agencies boast well-done and proven website design strategies to deliver outstanding results. These entail:
Website planning
Determining website goals and objectives
Digital strategies
Creating Prototypes and wireframes
Developing and designing
Website Testing
The more time and effort an agency dedicates to your website project, the greater the execution will be.
This work translates into the project having an elevated total cost as more time and effort go into your website.

Other Factors That Decide Web Design Costs in Uganda

Other than the three fundamental factors that we just described, there are additional factors that can impact the overall price of any site:
Website performance
Site integrations
Particular design sections
The expected number of website pages
Special copy and messages
Let’s dissect each one of these factors.

a) Website performance

Member channels, registration functions, unique forms, on-site search bar, live chatbots, detailed calendars, booking functions, dark and light modes, and other functions create different levels of website performance.
The more of these functions your website demands, the more complicated the design process will be hence a higher price.
We recommend that you list all the relevant features your online brand needs before entering the web design process. A list will assist the web design agency of your choice in estimating the range of the project and its price.

b) Site Integrations

Your brand’s workflow can earn from integrating your brand’s operational systems within your new site.
Site integrations can be, for example, a ticketing system, a client relationship management system for your sales team, inventory tracking systems for all sold products, or any other type of system.
However, these business processes are complicated, and their addition takes time and extra cost.

c) Particular Design elements

Depending on your taste and list of requirements, you could need to add particular or tailored design elements to your site. These might include:
A Parallax effect
Some Motion graphics
Lazy loading
Certain modules
Brand videos or photographs
Animations or illustrations
These elements fasten your website, make it more accessible, and are wholly built to suit your brand style and deliver your site’s purpose.
The total cost varies depending on the elements you need to add.

d) The expected Number of Website Pages

Gigantic eCommerce sites ideally require hundreds of pages to encompass all products, while smaller corporate websites may require 5-10 pages max.
If you require a variety of various page layouts — be it blog posts, item pages, calendar displays, or even regular content pages – these too will need to be designed, elevating the total price.

e) Particular Copy And Messages

Messages are a vital component of your site and the user experience it creates, be it on the home page, product pages, or your landing pages for new launches, sale offers, and any other brand promotions.
Acquiring a professional copywriter to develop your crucial messaging framework and write clear, intriguing, on-brand, and search-optimized copy for your site is worth your investment.
Several agencies charge their copywriting services either by the hour or the range of work, e.g., per page.

Your Time Investment: This Is What A Tailored Web Design Process Looks.

Now that you know the costs you have to consider, it’s paramount to discuss building your custom website’s proper web development process.
Discovery phase: The agency studies and understands your brand, analyzes your brand and researches your close competition.
Messaging and Planning: The agency plans your conversion funnel before diving into design. Messaging is the most crucial aspect of the website.
Site map navigation: The web design agency creates a layout of your navigation to certify that it’s user-friendly.
Desktop and mobile designs: The agency makes sure that your website functions both on desktop and mobile.
Frontend and backend development: Designers develop both frontend and backend features of the website.
 Quality Assurance: The agency ensures your website meets the criteria on a web design checklist and matches the necessary standards and functions.
DevOps: The agency configures the server and launches the website live.
Clients’ most significant mistake is thinking the price is the most critical factor.
It would help if you inquired from your potential designers:
How much time do you invest in my website?
What is your hourly charge?
Who is on the team, and what kind of experience do they possess?
There’s a significant difference between an agency that charges you $200 to get a template and takes 20 hours adjusting it and a company that bills you $3,000, takes in 500 hours, and boasts of a team of professionals who start from the basics.
So How Much will A Website Cost in Uganda? Here’s a Summary
The cost of a website changes significantly. The most critical factor is to choose a tailored site built by professionals to meet your requirements and goals or a templated, ready-to-go design.
While you might be leaning towards the cheaper choice, keep in mind that you get what you invest. By investing in a tailored site, you can dictate your brand’s proper representation and how it should be, bearing your target audience in mind.
Here at Sadja WebSolutions, we deliver rare, high-quality websites created to grow brand awareness, elevate user engagement, draw conversions and provide visible results.

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