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How SEO helps your business grow in Uganda

If your business does not have a website and is not using SEO, you are doing it all wrong. With most companies going online to take advantage of the global market, you must use every strategy to stand apart from your competitors.
For your business’ online presence to be felt and seen, you must have a functional website. And for your website to reach its audience, you need SEO.
What you need to know about SEO:

  • What is SEO?
  • What makes up SEO?
  • What can SEO do for your business?
  • Who is in charge of SEO in your business?
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of your SEO practices?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. They are practices that make your website discoverable by search engines like Google. Good SEO practices make your website rank high in search listings on the web.


Below are some components of SEO:

 The right Keywords.

These are the descriptive words that an internet user types in a search engine. Use meaningful words that a user would use to look for a  specific product or service you offer. Make it a point to strategically place these keywords in your headings and content to get a high rank in search listings.

Useful Content.

Good content hooks visitors to your website. A reader follows up the link to your site because of a need. Publish relevant, engaging, and factual content. This will make your visitors keep coming back for more.

Meta tags.

These are the invisible descriptions of your content and website. They are the data that search engines automatically access to verify what your website is about. Use of the proper tags or labels will increase your rank in the search engines. Meta tags include titles, headings, and image alt tags.


Also known as inbound links. They are the blue words in your content that a user clicks on and is taken to another page on another website. Backlinks give supporting or more detailed information about a specific item in your content. A website or page that has more backlinks has a higher ranking in the search engines. Why? References build credibility and increase a website’s appearance in search engines.


This is what good SEO practices do for your business.

Increases your business’ visibility.

Your business gets more exposure with the right SEO. The moment a person searches for anything related to your website, Google and any other search engine rank you high in the search results. This top position is seen by people worldwide.

Increases your lead generation.

Your website’s top rank makes it more trustworthy to people. This makes them click its link. So the higher your rank, the more ‘clicks’ you are likely to get, hence the more traffic to your website.

Connects you to the right audience.

Google brings the right customers to your website. A search engine always directs people to what they are looking for. A person who uses your website’s keywords will be referred to you. Your niche will always locate you. SEO is fish bait.

Increases your conversion rate.

Useful, factual, and engaging content persuades visitors to scroll through your articles till the end. Those who came as visitors are converted to customers when they see what they love. It boosts your business when you publish testimonials about your product. The right content is a powerful marketing tool.

Makes you an authority in your niche.

Top consistent rankings over time are a testament to your credibility. When you become a trusted source of information and provider of good service, people make your website and business a point of reference. A good name in the business opens your business to more opportunities and higher rewards.
Gives you leverage over the competition.
New customers usually go to the best in the game, to the ‘tried and tested supplier. A good track record gives your business a good name. A good reputation comes with added value and higher ranks, drawing more people in and registering more revenue.
Generates more revenue in the long term.
Initially, a business has to invest in SEO, and sometimes, it takes a while for your website to appear in the top search results. Consistent and regular SEO practices increase your rankings with time and bear lasting results. The initial investment is insignificant compared to the substantial long-time rewards. It’s one of the best cost-effective marketing tools that your business can ever use.


This responsibility falls mainly on these three groups of people:
The business owner (Yourself)
This is the least costly approach. There are many SEO courses on the internet that you can learn from. Apply the knowledge gained to take your website and business to the next level. This is good for the more hands-on business owner.
These are free SEO experts who hire out their service at the right price. They are suitable for the initial stages of incorporating SEO practices into your business. After putting your website on the map, you can continue with the updates yourself.
In-house SEO team.
These are your full-time employees who are tasked to perform their due diligence in putting your website and business on the map using the best SEO practices. They are the experts who handle all your business’ SEO needs.


Use the metrics below to find out how well your website is performing using your SEO practices.

  • Keyword Ranking
  • Organic traffic
  • Click-through rate
  • Page rank
  • Conversion rate
  • Top site exit points.


Embrace SEO now. It is guaranteed to make your business shine. Maximizing SEO practices sends out many signals to the ‘satellites’ which pick your website out of the many. The visibility and traffic that your business gets open doors to a larger customer base. This means more profits.
Get on the map now, grow your business.