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Reputation is everything

Reputation is nothing but the opinion or belief about someone or something. Businesses always maintain their reputation for staying in the market. With growing internet and technology, the web presence of businesses is growing tremendously which makes it important for these businesses to maintain their online reputation too. This will help them grow their businesses further and enjoy the potential benefits.

Perception of customers about your website is the most important aspect which maintains the views of your website and also manages customers. Negative feedback can decrease the reputation of your website and also risk your business. Online reputation management is a key part of the online marketing strategy. Online reputation management (ORM) helps to clear negative criticism and maintain a clean slate. Sadja provides online presence analysis for determining how your potential visitors see your business in comparison to your major competitors.

All you need is reputation

Business is all about reputation. Review sites like Yelp, Angie’s list, better business bureau, consumer affairs, expresit, foursquare, google reviews, glassdoor, home advisor and social media like facebook helps to build your company’s online reputation very fast. However, every good comes with something bad. One bad review can spoil the game. Also, one wrong step can lead to a huge negative criticism and get your online reputation back to square one or even zero it down. Hence businesses have to be very careful and maintain their reputation.


Any problems with online reputation are easily managed by Sadja’s online reputation consultants. Sadja also provides online presence analysis and evaluate for any problems in your online reputation in detail by looking into the web design, web functionality, and web content. We will also look into the ideal keywords used and the locations used with respect to your competition and competitors. Hence, we make a detailed analysis and help to pinpoint every weakness and strength in detail.

Sadja’s Online Reputation Evaluation process

This consists of:

1. Our proprietary 30-point analysis is made and a video review is presented.

2. Summary report of recommendations, findings, and resources.

3. Over the phone consultation for 30 minutes.

4. Insuring results through follow-up by free emails.

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Importance of Online Reputation Analysis

Online Reputation Analysis helps to improve your business tremendously. The reputation of your web presence and analysis of the same is hence very important for small, medium and large size businesses.

Taking concrete steps to monitor your company’s presence on the web helps establish a baseline from where you can measure improvements over the next couple of months. Increased visibility leads to increase in customer presence and ultimately, revenue.
If there’s any other thing you think you will need for your analysis, let us know.

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Our Team of Experts

We have a dedicated team of experts who understand the need for online presence analysis. Our team dedicates their time and put in efforts to provide you the right results and help improve your online presence status and maintain the same.

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