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Top 30 Startup and Online Business Ideas to Try in Uganda 2022

Baraka Kalumba

SEO Manager

Starting a business has a variety of implications.

You own your time, get to do what you love for a living, and increase your earning capacity. Increasing your earning capacity is only a single benefit of starting a business, growth of the company will also allow you to recruit other members, inadvertently providing income and sustenance to several other households.
Starting a business has positive implications for the community and society. The formation of startups and online businesses provides an alternative to job creation, decreasing the unemployment rate and increasing the quality of life within a society.
The current business ecosystem in today’s modern world is filled with willing and eager Angel investors and Venture capital firms determined to assist entrepreneurs in establishing a startup or online business.
Creating a startup or online business has never been this easy! The environment gradually entering a post-pandemic climate is a conducive one, ripe with endless possibilities.
If you are eager to start an online business or startup, we’ve got you covered! We’ll be exploring 30 Startup and Online Business ideas that you should try.
The businesses that we will focus on are not capital intensive, so they should be within reach and could be why you quit your job and retire early. Without further ado, here are 30 startup and online business ideas to try in 2022.

1. Cleaning Service

Starting a cleaning business is relatively straightforward and does not require much investment to get started. All you will need are cleaning apparatuses and a good work ethic.
The financial rewards of a cleaning business are incredible. The larger your business grows, the more personnel you would require, and it would also allow you to branch off into different avenues of cleaning services. Below are some cleaning businesses you can easily get into:
House Cleaning Services – The target market of this niche would be busy and single professionals. The starting equipment required would be simply necessary detergents and other equipment that should not be difficult to obtain; your main effort should go to expanding knowledge of your business through word of mouth, fliers, and other forms of marketing strategy to get your name out there.
Vehicle Cleaning – Another cost-efficient business with significant demand. Like home cleaning services, you can utilize direct marketing to advertise your services, and you can take things further by advertising to companies, which might land you your first big contract.
Carpet Cleaning – If you have access to carpet cleaning material, this might be something to consider. Some companies rent the equipment; outsourcing the equipment during the early days could provide you with an opportunity to save and buy your equipment, which will, in turn, increase your future profits by reducing your operating expenses.

2. Daycare

Do you have an affinity for children? Why not provide a service that gives overburdened parents a little relief.
Starting a daycare business can be fulfilling. The bonus aspect of this business is it requires very little investment to get it up and operational; you can even do it from the comfort of your own home.
Depending on your location, you might need a child care license, make that initial investment, and you could be nurturing tomorrow’s leaders while getting paid to do it.

3. Social Media Management Service

The rise and dominating influence of the digital age has created several opportunities that had previously not existed.
The arrival of social media platforms developed an entirely new industry that companies have identified as a necessity. Companies of all ranges and sizes are eager to strengthen their online presence. Providing social media management services by handling in-need companies and busy entrepreneurs’ social media accounts could help you build a future empire.

4. Virtual Assistant Service

Many small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs require a lot of assistance to keep their businesses going. Providing assistance such as composing and sending emails, responding to customer queries, client liaison services, among others, could be an avenue to explore.
Often these businesses are in dire need of an additional set of hands and are willing to pay appropriately. On top of the benefits of providing such assistance, you get to do all of this without being present; most of the required duties can often be done remotely. Platforms such as Upwork provide platforms for you to offer your virtual assistance.

5. Start a Podcast

Podcasts have become increasingly popular. Their rise to prominence has led to many people deciding to start a podcast as a business.
The primary demographic of podcast consumers is the younger generation, but it’s hard not to find your area of interest with the variety of podcasts available. When considering starting a podcast, stick to a micro-niche to make your podcast stand out. Sticking to your specifications might seem to constrict your business, but this will allow your podcast to grow organically and build a loyal group of enthusiasts.

6. Home Tutoring Services

Offering home tutoring services is a unique business idea and worth trying. There will always be a significant demand for tutors as long as children are still in school. Capitalizing on the comfort of virtual services created by the pandemic could put a little money in your pocket. You could teach anything from Math, English, Etc.
Additionally, you could start this business and offer your services without being physically present, which would minimize your running costs. Platforms like Turtorme allow interested tutors to find clients on the forum.

7. Video Editor

YouTube recently achieved the status of being the second largest search engine. This statistic indicates the rise of visual consumption preferred by consumers. Offering video editing services could see you harness an in-demand market that is certain to require your services.

8. Web Design Agency

If you like to design stuff and would be able to commit time to learn WordPress, you might want to consider starting a website design business. Unlike the old days where you needed intricate coding knowledge to build a website, the introduction of no-code solutions such as WordPress and Wix has changed all of this.
In addition to website development, you could offer automation testing services, which is a process that verifies if the software is functioning appropriately and meeting the requirements before it is released into production.

9. Writing Resumes and Cover Letters

The increasing competitiveness of the job market has created a demand for tailor-made resumes and cover letters. If you have a knack for personal branding writing cover letters, this might be the opportunity for you.
Use job searching platforms like LinkedIn to find clients. You can also provide pro-bono work to your network circle to allow them to refer you to their network contacts.

10. Sell Online courses

If you possess a particular skill that you can also teach, then selling the skillset online could gain you that extra income. Whether that skill is gardening, copywriting, or even video editing, you could begin to sell your knowledge in your area of expertise online.
What’s more, you don’t need extra filming equipment to get started; a smartphone should suffice until you decide to invest in increasing the quality.

11. Blogging

If you naturally like to write and enjoy writing platforms, then blogging could be a way to subsidize your income. Choose matters of your interest, whether tips for new moms, teaching financial literacy, etc. To grow your blog would require you to produce regular content, but when writing about your subject of interest, the task shouldn’t be difficult.

12. Errand-Running

This idea is beneficial for teens and young graduates. It has a minimal entry threshold and does not require much to start.
Grocery shopping, picking children from school, collecting clothes from the cleaners, to mention a few, could earn you a good income. Advertise your services online; you would be surprised at the demand for this service.

13. Laundry

Laundry services is a tried and tested method that is still an in-demand service. It is perfect for new entrepreneurs looking to venture into their first entrepreneurial endeavor. It also possesses the potential to become a lucrative business when run correctly.

14. Ice-Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Your Geographic location and the current season of the year might affect your sales, apart from that, this idea should prove to be popular among consumers of all ages. Invest in an ice-cream vending machine and space to serve as an outlet, and you should be good to go.

15. Teaching English Online

The demand for online English tutors has been steadily increasing in recent years. If you speak English natively and have a good internet connection, then you could start a business from the comfort of your couch.
If you love travelling and exploring, teaching English Online could open a host of avenues for you to explore some of the best and most remote places on earth.
Platforms like Oakery allow you to connect with clients from all over the world.

16. Offer Translation Services

If you are bilingual or proficient in two or more languages, this type of service could make good use of a skill you may take for granted. Consider receiving certification to access more reputable clients.
Duties and responsibilities may range from translating material to localizing content to suit the target audience’s culture.

17. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is relatively straightforward. You find a physical or digital product online and help drive traffic to the site; when a sale is made as a result of your referral, you receive a commission on the item sold.

18. Become an Audiobook Narrator

Although becoming an Audiobook Narrator may sound simple, it is a bit more nuanced. You might be required to express the narrated story with accompanying emotions, so acting skills may often be necessary.
If you possess the necessary acting chops, then becoming an audiobook narrator could be a perfect fit for you, not to mention they often pay well for material converted.

19. Handmade Crafts

If you have always been crafty with your hands, capable of sewing a good sweater, mittens, shawls, or other similar material, then selling your Items might be something to consider. You could sell your items in places like Etsy. Many women who produce identical products have found great success on this platform.

20. Offer Technical Writing Services

The US Bureau of labor statistics released statistics illustrating the increased demand for technical writing, growing faster than 7% faster than the expected average.
The purpose of technical writing is to simplify industry-specific material and ideas easier to understand; this may require compiling user guides, technical products, and services or even handbooks, among others.
Consider receiving certifications and building a reputable portfolio to increase your earning potential.

21. Launch a YouTube Channel

The rise of content creators has made video content creation a lucrative business idea. YouTube receives over 30 million daily active users. You will have carte blanche as to what video content you wish to submit, anything from video tutorials, book or movie reviews, cooking lessons. The choice will be yours, be sure to stick to a subject matter you know particularly well.
Surpassing the YouTube metric of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours will allow you to apply for the YouTube Partner Program, enabling you to monetize the channel.

22. Food Delivery Service

Opening a restaurant is expensive; a cheaper alternative is a Food Delivery Service.
How does it work?
You prepare a tasty meal, take orders online, and send it to your hungry and willing customers. This type of venture allows you to start small and gradually work your way up.
Confirm with your local municipality if you need a license, as some areas require this.

23. Aerial Photography

If you think you can fly a drone, or at least learn how to fly one, Then the aerial photography industry is worth deliberation. The demand for aerial photography in recent times has gone through the roof. The drones required for this service are pretty affordable; making a single investment with a view on the returns is a business idea in waiting. The demand for aerial photography ranges from music videos to real estate shoots, among other industries.

24. Sell Stock Images

Businesses often incorporate stock images into marketing campaigns to evoke the desired emotional effect. Stock images, which are licensed images for various uses, have seen a natural increase in demand in recent years. Investing in a good camera as starting equipment and specializing in a specific market niche will aid you in standing out.

25. Pet Grooming

Do you generally love animals? Then offering pet grooming services could help you achieve your passion while earning. Consider giving your clients house calls to provide them with further convenience to branch out further.

26. Write Guest Posts

If you love writing, but don’t want to go through the hassle of starting your own blog, then this is for you. You will earn by submitting articles to blogs. Often some platforms look for ghostwriters, with the content shared under someone else’s name. For instance, Sadja WebSolutions offers guest writing opportunities. Visit Sadja WebSolutions guest blog submission to learn more about this offering.

27. Amazon Kindle Publishing

This one is for lovers of literature and writing. Getting your book published and released on a public platform has never been this easy.
All you have to do is once you have written your book, upload it to Amazon Kindle publishing. They will have a look at it, and if it gets approved, it will be shared by the platform. Each time a copy is purchased, the platform will take its commission and send the rest to you.

28. Launch a Data Entry Service

Many corporate organizations are often looking to outsource data entry work that might include documenting sales reports and minutes from meetings, to mention a few.
If you have quick keyboard fingers, this opportunity might take you to the next level. Delivering excellent and timely work will only earn you a good reputation and referrals.

29. Work as an SEO Consultant

SEO has become a critical component of the online success of businesses.
SEO consultants advise businesses on how to optimize their websites to rank higher in search engines.
Consider focusing on a specific market segment or niche to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

30. Flip and Sell Thrift Goods

The business of buying and flipping thrift goods is a business idea that could suit just about anyone. All you would require for this is to look around for second-hand goods that possess resale value; this might require investing in some instances.
Conduct market research and obtain the market value of the items. You might need to invest in recycling some products to increase value. You resell the item at an increased price.
This type of business is scalable. Visit Flea Market Flipper for more inspiration with regards to this.
Deciding on a business idea and further achieving success can be a long journey.
Try the above 30 online and startup business ideas if you are stuck for ideas. If you already have a business going then We can guide you to achieve all your digital marketing needs if you need further assistance.

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