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Top 5 Reasons Why Customers Are Not Buying

Great sales are the lifeline of a successful business and businesses that fail to attract buyers tend to fall off the business radar in the long run.

As you read this article, business is opening somewhere with hopes of attracting customers to buy their products and services, Yet in another part of town,  another business is closing down due to lack of a  strong customer base.

This article outlines just 5 of the most common reasons why customers are not buying.

Reason # 1: Wrong Target group

Any consumer will tell you that they would not spend their money on a product or service they don’t need. Yet some businesses open up shops in neighborhoods and stock products that consumers don’t need at all.

Here is an example
Salim has grown up in an upscale city suburb with a large population of young working mothers. Many of these mothers here have either babies or toddlers who have not yet reached the school-going age. The young mothers go to work Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.  Some of them go to work with their babies because they don’t trust their nannies and return home tired from work and then embark on home chores that leave them drained.

Salim sets up a daycare center with professionally trained nannies in the area and offers a five-day care service for the toddlers. He even provides transport for mothers who can’t easily access the center. Guess what happened? Salim saw his business grow because he identified a problem and offered a service that the mothers needed.

Business lesson: Any product or service that targets the right group to solve a pressing problem will be a successful sale to the customers. Statistics show that 90 percent of any sale happens because the customer needs a product to solve their problem.

Reason # 2: Broke consumer, Minimal sales

Have you ever wondered why many businesses experience low sales in January? Recently I learned from my father January is not just the right time to sell expensive luxury goods and services to parents with school going kids, because money has been spent on school fees and parents are broke.

On the other hand, the best time to buy cattle in villages is just as parents prepare to send their children to school because they want to raise money for tuition.

Business lesson: Timing for a great sale matters. Wrong timing will get you minimal sales.

Reason # 3: No Trust, No sales

In markets flooded by fake products and misleading advertisements, it’s no surprise that customers are reluctant to buy goods and services. You have to win the trust of your customer for them to buy your products.

Trust is built by giving your customers value for their money and an attractive reason why they should engage with your products and services.

Business lesson: Build a business brand that customers can trust to keep buying your products and services.

Reason # 4: Inaccessible products and services

Buyers need ease in acquiring and utilizing your item. How might you make your item progressively available to them? Is it placing it in various areas? Disseminating your item in an unexpected way? Maybe it’s putting forth your item on the web.

Business lesson: Assess the availability of your item and check whether you have to make changes. Consider the idea of your item and your objective statistic. A few things move better online with specific socioeconomics, while others are bound to move where clients can see them physically at a store.

Reason # 5: Lack of awareness about your products and services

Consumers will not buy products or seek out services they are not aware of. This problem is aggravated by poor customer care. If a consumer fails to get either clarification or feedback about return policies, shipping dates, or other product information, it will be difficult to get them to buy your products.

Business lesson: Get Customers to know more about your brand through your site’s contact form, email, and social media platform. They may want to know more about your services or products having a well-designed website can help in pushing your brand to the highest level.

Now that you know why your sales have not been growing, some knowledge and tips learned from this article, may help you notice some changes in the volume and satisfaction of your customers.

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