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Top-Notch Strategy to Boost Your Web Presence

Today, more and more consumers are discovering a worthwhile experience transacting business through the internet.
From shopping for the latest electronic gadgets to booking an air ticket and a hotel room in the comfort of their homes, the internet has made it easy to do business.

What does web presence mean?

Imagine a vendor standing right behind her stall in the market. The booth very neat, fruits and vegetables displayed in clean rows. She holds her hands akimbo, waiting for the customers.
But for the past 6 hours, this woman has not had a single customer stop by her stall to buy provisions.
This scenario also applies to websites. Imagine you have just launched a new e-commerce store. The products are positioned, with the accompanying product description content is written and uploaded, but not a single visitor has clicked any of the buttons on your site.
The common thread binding the vendors stall and the website scenarios are the failure to establish their presence and make it known to their customers.
Remember! You do not exist if a customer cannot locate either your physical or online store. Customers will visit your website if you develop your content, web pages and use other social media platforms to increase your visibility.
You need to create an online strategy to increase your web presence to accomplish your business goals. For example, clients should be able to locate your website when they browse the internet. 
But, how can you stand apart from every other business that is attempting to reach customers online? Here are ten strategies that will guide your efforts to increase your web presence and attract more customers.

1.Create a professional website 

A well-designed website reflecting quality and professionalism is the first step in launching your web presence.
You will need a web designer to provide some knowledge and guidance to go digital. With more improvements in the digital world, you can also build a website or internet store using website builders like Wix or Squarespace. These require minimum design or coding knowledge. However, guidance from specialists is recommended for great results.
The key features of excellent web design include:

  • Visuals
  • Responsive design
  • Clear and concise messaging
  • Great content

It is also essential to keep your website simple. The goal of your website should be to attract visitors to the content they want as quickly as possible. A simple, intuitive design is the best way to accomplish that.
You can either choose a build-it-yourself website tool that offers simple design options or work with a web designer to design a site for you.

2. Integrate Social media 

Social media is a vital instrument for any company that seeks to create a strong internet presence — from supporting your internet brand to addressing client service problems.
You can employ a developer to incorporate social media on your website or choose a tool to add and handle your content on your website.
Add your Twitter and Facebook feeds straight to your website so that you can interact directly with your clients, keep them up-to-date and generate conversations with them.
Win your customers by writing content which later points them to like your products.

3. Connect with blog influencers 

Apply the blog outreach strategy to generate real, authentic content to boost your business. Using influential bloggers helps you to create brand consciousness without having to buy branded content placement.
Blog influencers can effectively drive brand awareness as well as action.
One way to find blog influencers is by using the BuzzSumo resource and identify and connect with influencers who are blogging about your sector, market, product, or services.
online-community-300x300 Top-Notch Strategy to Boost Your Web Presence

4. Engage in online communities 

Online communities are a group of people bound by common interests. They use the websites, emails and instant messaging to communicate. It is imperative to enlist your business on an online community to reap the following benefits:

  • Open your business to more collaborative ways of working, including crowdsourcing.
  • Get insights on customers’ preferences and needs
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty.
  • Improve reputation and thought leadership.
  • Decrease support costs.


5. Increase your web traffic with paid ads

65% of customers click on Google Ads when they want to purchase an item online. Using paid search advertising is a comparatively, uncomplicated and quite efficient way of driving traffic to your website and boosting your internet presence.
Pay-per-click advertisements allow you to pay for search engine display. These ads appear on the search page’s sponsored results segment.
It is essential to remember that keywords and terms are crucial when dealing with Pay per click advertisements to place your brand above that of your competitors.


6. Link your site on major web directories.

Linking your site to web directories has incredibly high value in increasing your web presence. The popularity of Web directories like Yahoo, Local, Google+, Yelp and Internet Yellow Pages allows you to direct many people to your site.
The more directories your site is linked to, the higher the chances your site stands to be ranked high in the search engines.

7. Use Email

Using signup forms on your website is an excellent way to communicate with clients and generating leads. Signup forms are also an extremely efficient way to develop your crowd.
If a visitor enters their email address in a signup form on your website, it’s a pretty good indication that they’re interested in your business.contentw-300x250 Top-Notch Strategy to Boost Your Web Presence

8. Update your content regularly.

The most efficient websites frequently update content to provide visitors with a reason to return. Regular update your website with blog update and any relevant material that targets your audience.
Regular updates trigger a spike in sales and also plays a role in getting higher search results.
Take advantage of the content management system to generate updates that reflect your business brand.


9. Remove irrelevant features from your site 

A customer searching through an online hardware store will find it more attractive to see the price embedded to the product immediately rather than opening an attachment to peruse through the costs.
So it is vital to ensure that your website is easy to navigate. Remove any features that may appear as obstacles to the site visitors.


10. Make your website mobile 

With more consumers using mobile devices to access the internet, it is crucial to make sure that you optimise your website for mobile phones and tablets.


Final thoughts

Increasing your web presence is an ongoing process. Approach specialists in the field to acquire more knowledge on the right strategies. You can also use tools like Google Analytics to analyse your traffic, know what works, and what does not work.