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How to Use TikTok for Business

Baraka Kalumba

SEO Manager

At face value, TikTok comes off as a social media platform for comedy excerpts and cool teenagers, but the business opportunities on TikTok are ripe for the taking. It’s a cash cow.
Currently, TikTok has over 1 billion active monthly users. A billion! It’s an app for exposure, which creates ample opportunities for any brand in Uganda to engage with audiences in an exciting new way. With the exciting launch of TikTok Shopping, the app’s commercialization only gets bigger.
Get in with the prominent brands that are already harnessing the future of TikTok through trends and all the hashtag challenges, try out TikTok live streams, or experiment with editing tools and the trending “sounds” to produce fun-filled short-form videos that represent your brand.
It’s important to note that this shift can be overwhelming even more if you’re new to the app. Take this as the handbook that answers your questions on how to get your brand’s TikTok Business Account rolling.
Here is how to use TikTok for business;

Step 1: Obtain a TikTok Business Account

Don’t worry if you’ve already had a personal TikTok account; switching to a Business Account: Scroll right to the fourth step.
Go to an app store, Download, and open TikTok. Create a new personal account. You can either use your email address or log in with your Google, Twitter, or Facebook accounts.
Tap ‘Me’ in the bottom right corner, go on and tap ‘Edit Profile. Here is where you can add a profile picture, bio, and links to your other social media accounts.
To switch to a Business Account, click the three dots you see in the upper right corner, then click Manage Account. On the Manage Account page of TikTok,
Click ‘Switch To Pro Account’ and select between Business or Creator. Tap the category that best suits your brand and click ‘Next.’ Be sure to add a website and email address.
Check the Video on How to Create a TikTok Account for Business

Welcome to your TikTok business account
And we’re through! Cheers on your brand new TikTok Business Profile!

Step 2: Curate a winning TikTok strategy

Whether you’re great at Facebook or Instagram marketing,  TikTok is a tough nut to crack that needs a proper game plan, and that game plan begins with collecting information.
Get to know TikTok
Get comfortable with TikTok: browse through those videos on the For You page, get familiar with the editing features, filters, and effects the app has to offer. Take time and revel in the countless variations of whatever the trending sound is. You ought to get to know the app inside and out before developing your winning game plan.
Study the TikTok algorithm you see, the app’s algorithm is constantly changing, but you need to start from somewhere. Research how TikTok videos get ranked and how they get distributed, and what all trending videos share in common.
Explore the key players
At this stage, the TikTok famous have used their fame into million-dollar sponsorships/ endorsements and even get cast for movie roles. These are the players that the TikTok world revolves around; however, your industry has its key players, and it would be imperative to keep your eye on them.
Learn your target audience
Right before you delve into making that first video, learn your audience. Although TikTok is very popular with almost every teenager and the renowned Gen Z, other demographics have grown fond of the app.
Check out the competition
Find out whether your closest competitor is already on TikTok. If they are, closely watch their videos and note down a few ideas to make even better content for your shared audiences.
It is important to note that the TikTok influencers or creators lie in the category of “competition,” leaving them out as sources of inspiration or information wouldn’t be wise.
Prepare goals and objectives
After you’ve gathered all this information, go ahead and prepare some goals and objectives. The TikTok strategy you develop should define what you intend to achieve on the app.
The business objectives are a great place to start:  will TikTok help you accomplish them, and how? You could apply the SMART framework to see that your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.
Draw out a content calendar
We understand how remarkable spontaneity and a spur-of-the-moment post are. Still, planning content days or even weeks in advance is ideally a good idea for every busy social media manager.
A content calendar limits you from missing important dates and gives you ample time for creative execution. Search for ways to utilize holidays or brand events or even develop themes or series that can align your creativity.
The idea is for your posts to go up while your TikTok audience is online and eager for new video content.

Step 3: Optimize your TikTok account

You only get a few lines and just a single opportunity to share a link, but your TikTok business account is practically your digital front, so do it straight away.
Be intentional about your profile photo
Ensure your profile photo has a great look and symbolizes your brand. Essentially, your profile photo should connect your TikTok profile visually to all your other digital sites. For example, the same logo or colours to clarify this is part of the same brand as your website and your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
Shorten and sweeten your bio
You have only 80 characters to work with; that bio ought to be on point and have a CTA included. Don’t be afraid to use an emoji, especially when appropriate for your brand voice: it speaks of your brand personality and saves on that word count.
Choose your URL wisely
Think it through. Should the URL redirect to your eCommerce site, a particular landing page, or any social accounts? Well, that all depends on your strategic goals and objectives.

Step 4: Create content that the audience will quickly watch

There’s no secret formula to making a successful TikTok video, but there are a few road signs to follow.
Ensure your video looks great
It may seem obvious, but the finer your sound and video quality, the more appealing content will be to watch. That doesn’t mean you need to invest in pricey equipment, but be conscious about filming in well-lit spaces where the audio will be clean. If clean audio is impossible, add a trending track to your video instead of the original sound.
Hashtags are your friend
Hashtags on TikTok will enable your content to get discovered easily via search and also assists the TikTok algorithm tell what kind of topics you’re creating content for.
How-to videos and tutorials are always popular
It doesn’t matter if it’s a workout video or a knitting demo; audiences need to have a little education on their feed. Flaunt your expertise or share some behind-the-scenes content to keep them glued.
Collaborate with other creators
Feel free to Try the Duets feature to engage with other videos, or pay an influencer for a partnership.

Step 5: Keep your audience engaged and gain a following

Off the bat, do not buy followers! It’s a terrible idea; discard it! Put that credit card away.
Undoubtedly, excellent content creation is the only way to get those valuable views and followers. Keeping those followers curious and engaged once they get on board with the brand, the same basic principles apply as to any other social media platform:
Carry out interactive live streams.
Get creative with polls and questions.
Reply to comments and questions.
Make witty comments and like videos on other TikTok accounts.
Master social listening to ensure you’re at par with trending topics in your TikTok community.

Step 6: Dive into analytics

Once you’ve fully explored TikTok for a while, it’s essential to look closely at how things are going. What are the metrics of your reach and engagement? Are those tutorial videos a success? Who exactly is watching and engaging with your content?
TikTok’s in-app analytics tool can share insightful metrics to help shape your next steps. The study of Analytics becomes a roadmap for your content strategy and eject guesswork in the approach: they show what’s working — and what is not. Take time and Learn more about TikTok analytics.

Step 7: Learn TikTok’s advertising options

Ads aren’t a fit for every brand’s social strategy, but if paying for reach is an approach you’re interested in taking, do your research on it and act accordingly to gain the reach your brand requires.
One key piece of insight is that close to half (43%) of TikTok users are between the ages of 18 and 24, with the women in this age category making up nearly a quarter of it (24.7%) of the app’s advertising audience. In short, if your brand’s niche audience is younger adults, specifically women, advertising on TikTok is a suitable fit.
There you go! TikTok business 101! Set up your account and begin maximizing all the ripe opportunities this crazy and yet profitable app offers. As you grow, you’ll likely perfect your strategy and be an example for other brands in Uganda on the platform.

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